4 steps to get your hair photo-ready in seconds

The easiest way to take your best selfie ever

Beauty Crew Contributor / December 15 2016

We know that defining big eyes, bold brows and plump lips are sneaky makeup tips for the perfect selfie, but what about our hair? The season of crazy social schedules is upon us, and with flawless selfie-ready makeup we need the perfect undone hairstyle to match. So to ensure you’re well prepared for photos at a moments notice, here are the photo-ready hair tips you never knew you needed.


Fly-aways be gone

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking back at photos and having fly-aways poking out in every direction. A camera will pick these up more than you would expect, so to make sure they are nowhere in sight, invest in a dry oil or serum. Be careful not to choose one that has a high concentrate of alcohol as it has the potential to dry out your hair even more. Try: Moroccan Treatment Original

TOP TIP: You don’t need much hair oil; apply only a small amount in your hands and rub between your palms before lightly running over your hair to smooth it down.


The messier the better

Hair has a tendency to look flatter in photos than it does in real life. To avoid this happening, once you’ve finished styling, flip your hair over and run your hands through it to give it an undone finish. It will give a your hair natural movement and prevent it from looking lifeless in pics.


Add a shiny finish

Undone hair doesn’t mean it has to look dry, brittle or sun-damaged. To keep your hair looking shiny and luscious, look into buying a spray-on shine product. Try: Trevor Sorbie Precious Oils Shine Oil


Don't overdose on the hairspray

As nice as it is to be confident that no hair will come out of place, too much hairspray can make hair look crunchy, matte and overdone through a camera lens. And since youre opting for a little less glamorous and a lot more undone, try a light hold hairspray and go easy on your spritzes. Try: TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray

For more tousled beachy hair inspiration, see how celebrities with every hair type style their waves

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