PSA: Anna Paul just dropped her skin-softening night time routine

And it's all down to two brands...

Content Producer / June 17 2024

There are two elite compliments we live every single day to achieve. Okay, maybe we’ll take most compliments on the elitist of levels. And you best believe if you've complimented something we got on sale, you'll know exactly where to pick one up yourself. But our three top tier compliments to receive (especially from strangers) are: 1. You smell so good (elite). 2. Wow, your skin feels so soft and 3. Your hair looks so luscious and long! Granted, the second one might have us questioning why strangers are touching us. But for TikTok megastar Anna Paul, she was just too delighted to be concerned. Because the spicy content creator turned skin care aficionado got two out of the three (and is working on the third) and in the club of all places! 

So, as the brains behind the Paullie skin care brand Paul must've been overjoyed at how well her skin care routine is doing. Oh and unsurprisingly it includes a few of her own products...

Anna Paul Night Time Routine

Anna Paul Haircare

If you've been trying to work on your hair growth journey (relatable), you need to know two things. One, you're not alone, we're all on this struggle street together. And two, scalp care needs to be a major step in your haircare routine. And that's where Paul's wise words of wisdom come into play.

To get her strands growing and back to her natural colour, Paul oils her scalp twice a week. But we've got her words of "look it up and just do it like this" ringing in our ears. So, naturally we put our detective hats on and looked up her fave scalp care brand (so we can add to cart *immediately*). And wouldn't you know, it's the Aussie-fave, scalp-loving brand Straand. If you've not got their bold, bright orange products sitting amongst your shelf now is your chance to change that. 

Paul applied a few drops (to sectioned strands) of their Crown Companion Cleansing Pre-Wash Scalp Oil ($30 at Straandand massaged all the pre-shower goodness in with the Exfoliating Scalp Brush ($20 at Straand). Making sure to double wash her strands, she even went so far as to clip up her conditioned hair to prevent clogged pores (hot tip: always re-wash your skin after washing your hair). 

Paullie Skincare 

But now on to the main event: Paul's body care. First up, wellness check on Anna Paul? (If you're reading this Anna, are your legs okay?). But seriously, bruises aside, Paul's skin just looks like it would be flawlessly smooth. So, if you're looking to gain copycat status here we go. 

Starting with a body wash or gel of choice (TBH, we think Paul might've been hinting at a future Paullie Skincare release here) apply liberally onto an exfoliating body mitt (our pick is the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt, $12.95 at Adore Beautyand apply in gentle circles. 

And because one exfoliation wasn't enough (is it ever?), Paul went in with her brand new Paullie Mango Body Scrub ($28 at Paullie). The nourishing shea butter infused (delectably scented, yum mangoes) sugar scrub was then backed up with the Paullie Mango Body Butter ($28 at Paullie). The duelling mango notes have undoubtedly given Paul that stopped in the street 'what scent are you wearing?' edge. 

Our hot tip takeaway? Always apply your moisturiser to damp skin. Yep, it sounds crazy but like Paul says it gets that moisture "extra, extra" deep into your skin. Oh and PSA: if you're after Anna Paul-level softness, you're going to need to moisturise twice a day, every day. We can literally hear our dry skin calling out for us to listen to her. 

And what night time routine would be complete without layering lip products on? Because our pouts deserves the best, Paul uses the Raspberry Lip Scrub ($15 at Paullie) followed by the ultra-hydrating Raspberry Lip Balm ($15 at Paullie)

We're scrolling through our carts now, and TBH we're pretty pleased with what our 'everything shower' is going to end up looking and smelling like. Just be sure if you see us to tell us how good we smell. 


Main Image Credit: @anna_paull

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