The beauty items Aussies most often leave behind in an Uber

Weird flex but okay

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / June 02 2022

We live in an information age, but do we know too much as a result? Yes. Yes, we do.

Uber Australia has released their annual Uber Lost & Found Index, and now that we have access to a list of the beauty items that Aussies most often leave behind in their Uber, we are very much sure that we know far more than is absolutely necessary about our fellow countrymen. 

Intrigued to know more? We were too, however we will warn you there are certain inclusions that infer an inherent and hard to ignore ick factor (such as the term ‘hair piece’). But we digress.

First up on the list? ‘Duo eyelash glue’ followed closely by ‘Eyelash curler’ in second place. An iconic duo. 

Foundation’ came in third. Chantecaille lipstick was a weirdly specific and niche inclusion that we did not see taking out fourth place, but there you go.

Number five would suggest that folks need to do a better job at holding onto their ‘Too Faced concealer and palette’.  

Face powder’ was number six on the list but we’re unsurprised since we’d consider it a handbag necessity any day of the week. 

After learning how to clean a hairbrush earlier this week, we’re really on the fence about complete strangers leaving their germ-infested hair tools in an Uber we may potentially enter into in the future. The fact that ‘hair gel and brush’ sits at spot number seven on the list is still making us shudder.

Number eight belongs to all the non-descript ‘black makeup cases’ left behind. 

Ocular eye care appears to be at the top of people’s agenda when leaving the house. Sadly, that doesn't mean their ‘contact lense solution’ and ‘eye drops’ are safe from being forgotten in an Uber.  

We covet our perfumes to the extent that we refuse to leave the house with any more than a 10mL spritz at any given time. Imagine losing a full-size bottle of ‘Marc Jacobs perfume’ or ‘Dior cologne’? Well, turns out a whole lot of Uber customers know the sweet sting of that experience all too well.  

Evidently there are a number of dirty-haired individuals walking amongst us because ‘shampoo and conditioner’ were number 13 on the list. 

Finally, ‘a hair piece’ punctuated the roundup, and we can only hope that the folks over at Uber are referring to a stray hair extension or two and not a rogue toupée

Can you say ‘ick’? 

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Main image credit: @duoadhesive / @kevynaucoin / @marcjacobsfragrances

Briar is a Content Producer at BEAUTYcrew. Her 'down for anything' attitude has resulted in more than a handful of hair transformations, and she doesn't mind being used as a guinea pig for the industry's most unusual products and treatments. Her work has also appeared on Girlfriend and Beauty Heaven.

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