The bizarre ingredient that can fight the signs of ageing

If you can get over the cringe-factor!

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / March 03 2020

Ok, full disclosure: this conversation may leave you feeling a little queasy. BUT… it may also leave you looking all lovely and youthful, so we guess that’s the price you’ve got to pay for beauty sometimes.

So if you’re ready, we’d like to bring your attention to an ingredient that may just be making its way into your anti-ageing skin care products in the near future.

And that ingredient is placenta. 

Before you get too freaked out (too late?!), we’re talking placentas derived from plants and animals rather than humans.

Agreed, it’s not much better!

Of course, we’ve heard about women eating their own placenta to gain all sorts of nutrients from it (we’re looking at you, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian) – and applying it on your face is surely less icky than eating it, but we have to say it’s not quite as glamorous as other former skin care trends, such as applying a serum infused with 24K gold, now is it?!

But, placenta in skin care (and supplement form) has been popular in Japan for years, and as leaders in breakthrough formulas and skin trends, you know it’s only a matter of time before we get in on the action. Plus, placenta does promises some pretty great results.

If you’re still with us and intrigued to know more about placenta skin care, then here’s the good news…and the bad. 

The good news: Placenta is thought to be rich in growth factors, which can help speed up skin healing and cell regeneration. Think boosted collagen and younger-looking skin. Ok, so now it’s starting to sound a little more up our alley.

So impressed by placenta’s potential, Dr Maryam Zamani, who is a leading oculoplastic surgeon and facial aesthetics doctor in London, decided to make it the hero in one of her MZ SKIN products, the Rest & Revive Restorative Placenta & Stem Cell Night Serum. “When absorbed topically, these stem cells help boost collagen synthesis while increasing hydration, which helps to fight the signs of ageing and rejuvenates skin,” she told StyleCaster. Her placenta serum, which uses ovine placenta (that’s sheep), doesn’t come cheap unfortunately – but we can get our hands on it through Revolve Clothing’s website. It will set you back about AU$413!

Placenta is also a favourite ingredient of Dr Harold Lancer (the guy who says you’re making this major cleansing mistake), who praises its ability to firm, lift and hydrate skin, as well as treat acne. Harry Styles has been rumoured in the past to go to Dr Lancer for one of his signature placenta facials to help treat his congested skin.

The bad news? The jury is still out on how effective placenta actually is when applied topically (and consumed, for that matter). We think it will still be a looong time before the hard facts are in that say placenta is the answer to all our wrinkles, but if you’re one to have a little faith and give something new a go – and have the cash to back it up – this is the new skin care trend for you to try.

If you'd prefer to smear your face with ingredients that have stronger scientific proof and less cringe-factor, these four ingredients are great for boosting collagen in skin.

Would you use products with placenta in it? Share your thoughts with us below.

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