6 tips that’ll help you apply false lashes like a total pro

Tips for applying false lashes

If you suck at applying falsies, read this

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 02 2018

Applying false eyelashes is HARD. If you don’t do it on the reg, it can be a tricky little venture that sometimes ends up with you getting glue all over your lids before giving up and abandoning the lashes altogether.

If this sounds like you, the good news is that we have found some super handy tricks on how to apply false lashes without gluing your eyes together. Thanks to Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit, the Internet has kindly dished out the best tried and tested advice on how to nab the most natural-looking false lashes that’ll *actually* stay on. 


Start with a thin band

If you’re a falsie beginner, opting for a set of false lashes with a thin band will make your life SO much easier. Not only are they more flexible to apply, but they’ll also feel much lighter on your eyes and slightly more comfortable than those with a thicker band.

A Redditor by the name of serratedshibe wrote, “I started with Ardell Wispies and I found them much easier to stick down and manipulate close to my lash line. I worked my way up to thicker lashes as I find it much harder to work with them.” Another Redditor added, “The flexibility of the band matters, try to stay away from anything too stiff.”

We recommend trying lightweight lashes such as Ardell Natural Demi Wispies, Sarah Jean Fluttery Light False Eyelashes – For Instant Glamour SJ004 and Tarte Tarteist PRO Cruelty-Free Lashes in Little Black Dress.


Trim your falsies

This one may sound obvious, but if you’re not trimming your false lashes to fit your eye shape, you’re going to have a tough time. One Redditor wrote, “Make sure you trim them to your eye size, it makes them soooo much easier to put on.” 

The key is to trim a little bit at a time – remember, you can always take off more, but there’s no going back if you take off too much! After each trim, place the lashes back on your eye to make sure it’s the perfect fit.



Look down

Before applying false lashes, place a mirror in a position that allows you to look down. Why? It lets you see right to the base of your lashes and makes it so much easier to place it *exactly* on the lash line. According to Reddit user ync_13, it’ll make a HUGE difference. “What helped me was holding a handheld mirror and looking down at it so your eyelids are flat. That way your eyelashes won’t get in the way.


Work with smaller sections

If you’re having trouble getting your falsies to sit close to the lash line (even with the mirror trick!), Redditor Serratedshibe suggests cutting your false lashes into three separate pieces before applying them: “Huda Beauty recommended cutting your lashes into three pieces and applying the pieces separately…It’s as simple as it sounds and allows you more control/precision on getting them close to your lash line without the rest of the lash getting in the way.” 



Let the glue get tacky

This is a must! If you put glue on a lash and immediately try to apply it, it’ll move all over the place and you’ll end up with a gluey mess on your lid. Redditor itsabbyokay’s advice will fix that: “The key is definitely letting your glue dry a great amount, that way when you place the lash it won’t slide around, it’ll just stick!”


Use a lash applicator

If you’re trying to apply falsies without a lash applicator, the whole process may be a little harder than it needs to be. Sheratedshibe says,A lash applicator is great. I use this in combination with tweezers to get the edges down, I also use the tweezers to gently swipe any lashes from under the band before I stick it down firmly.”

And if you’re still finding the falsies game to be a bit of a struggle, Reddit user rebeccaglitters reminds us that practice makes perfect,. “There is definitely a steep learning curve - it takes an annoyingly long time to figure out but trust once you catch on you ‘get it’ very quickly and it’s like muscle memory,” she writes. “Know that everyone struggles with it before they get the hang of it, so don’t be discouraged!”

If you’re still wary of false lashes, check out these three eye-opening mascaras that deliver the same results, without the fuss.

What are your tips for applying false eyelashes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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