The at-home LED device that’s as good as a professional treatment

Our beauty editor put the light therapy mask to the test

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 23 2019

When a brand is launched by a skin care expert, you just *know* it’s going to be the real deal. Well, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare sure fits that bill; the brand was developed by Dr Dennis Gross, who is a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon by trade and has been practicing for 25 years. We're sure you've seen some of his best-sellers before; such as the resurfacing Alpha Beta Glow Pads that gradually tans your skin, the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, which reveals smoother-looking skin, and the C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Vitamin C Serum, which targets dullness. 

One of his newest products to hit shelves this year - the Spectralite Faceware Pro - is an at-home device suitable for use by all skin types, and it follows the success of his other light-based mini-machines - the Spectralite EyeCare Pro LED Device and the Spotlite. The face mask is packed with a whopping 100 red LED lights and 62 blue LED lights, aims to bring together the wrinkle-busting and spot-fading properties of red light therapy and bacteria-eliminating properties of blue light therapy, all in the comfort of your own home. 

Priced at $665, this baby isn't cheap when it comes to at-home devices and may deter you to commit at checkout, but it sure beats the steep price tag of adding light therapy to every professional facial treatment you get. For this purpose, I was dying to see if the mask lived up to expectations; here are my thoughts on the Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro. 

#1 / It’s simple to use

Call me stubborn, but my approach to learning how to use tech devices is the same as my attitude towards building IKEA furniture - I simply don’t like to read instructions. Instead, I prefer to just unpack everything and figure it out. Luckily, the Spectralite Faceware Pro was super easy to assemble; all I had to do was attach the head strap onto the sides of the device, and charge it up. Once the device was ready to be used, it was as simple as popping it over my face and pressing the button to turn it on. I really liked that the mask fit snugly against my face and didn’t move, even if I was standing upright. As such, I was able to go about the rest of my beauty routine, such as moisturising my body whilst the machine worked its magic. 

#2 / Each application takes no time at all 

A single treatment took only three minutes, and trust me, that goes by *real* quick. If you’re tempted to boost results with back-to-back treatments, don’t bother… it literally is a waste of time. I reached out to Dr Dennis Gross for his expert advice: “you can use an LED light indefinitely without any negative effects, however there is no added benefit to using the device longer than the prescribed three minutes per day. Once your LED receptors are fully saturated, the extra LED is simply unused by the skin cells – very similar to topical ingredients!” Noted. 

#3 / It was easy to incorporate it into my skin care routine 

I never wanted to admit defeat by reaching for the manual, but I had to for one purpose: I needed to know at what point the mask should be used in my daily routine... before or after my skin care products? Well, the brand recommends you apply the mask straight after washing your face with cleanser and after wiping away any moisture. “If you apply product before using the LED device, there is a chance that the product will block the LED light from connecting to your skin cells’ receptors,” explains Dr Gross. “Using the device on a clean, dry face ensures you are allowing the LED to penetrate the skin most effectively.” After using the mask, I applied a toner, retinol serum, hyaluronic-based moisturiser and firming eye gel, and headed to bed. 

Another thing I liked about the device was that it had different settings that you could use for different skin concerns. The first setting turned only the red lights on, setting number two turned only the blue lights on, whilst setting number three turned both colours on. Seeing as I've been having quite a few hormonal breakouts of late, I opted for setting three for most of the time that I used it. 

My verdict

One thing I ensured with this product trial was that I was really diligent with it. I used it every single day for a month (yep, I didn't even skip one day!), and I didn't add or remove a skin care product from my regular routine. I've definitely noticed a stark difference in my skin tone - my pigmentation and dark spots have dramatically faded, and my complexion has an intense glow that I certainly didn't have before. Fine lines, especially on my forehead, seem to have lessened as well. On the other hand, I still have blemishes turn up unexpectedly here and there (oh, the joys of having hormones), but they didn't seem as inflamed. In fact, they seemed more shallow and surface-level; our editor Carli commented that my skin looked "less angry" - I'll take that, for sure. Overall, I'm really impressed with results and will continue to incorporate the LED light facial mask in my routine. 

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Would you ever try an at-home LED device? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below. 

Main image photography: Sevak Babakhani

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