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Don’t let your hard work go to waste

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

While Christmas is all about indulging in good food and great company, it’s easy to go overboard and undo all the hard work that you’ve been putting in at the gym for the last couple of months (and don’t get us started on trying to get back into the routine after the new year!). We spoke with Ben Lucas, co-owner of Flow Athletic and Flow After Dark, former NRL player, ultra-endurance runner and celebrity trainer, for his best healthy tips to get you through the silly season.

#1 / Be smart about what you eat

There’s nothing we look forward to more than a glorious Christmas spread of seafood, roasted meats, sides, and of course… dessert. And while the festive season is all about treating yourself, Lucas warns us about going too crazy at your family gathering. “When it comes to the Christmas party season, there’s no doubt that ‘treat food’ is available in abundance and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy it - just do it wisely,” suggests Lucas. “If you genuinely want to eat the creamy potato salad and the three different dessert offerings, then just have a small portion of each. If you only really want to try one thing, then don’t bother eating everything else just for the sake of it.”

#2 / Watch what you eat after you drink

Do you have a habit of raiding your fridge when you get home after a big night out? You might want to think twice about doing that. “There tends to be two types of people; those who drink and eat nothing and those who drink and eat everything,” explains Lucas. “If you are the latter, beware of this because those calories exist whether you are drinking or not! If you know you are likely to snack on everything in the house when you get home, maybe make a decision in advance as to what you are going to eat.” In short, if you need to eat after drinking, opt for nutrient-dense foods that’ll refuel the body and make you feel better when you wake up.

 #3 / Change up your training routine

We get it - going to the same exercise class week after week is a safe bet, as you know what you’re in for. However, the last thing you want is to be stuck in an exercise rut, especially before the new year kicks off. Lucas explains, “When you add variety to your training, you can be excited about your workout of choice again at the start of the year because you have taken a break from it while still managing to keep active through the silly season.”

#4 / Stay hydrated

You may remember to keep a jug of water by your desk at the office, but it’s just as important to carry a drink bottle around with you during the holiday break. “This is an obvious one, yet so many of us fail to hydrate after a big day in the sun, drinking or enjoying a massive meal and therefore we become dehydrated and may not feel our best the next day as a result,” says Lucas. “Make sure you drink plenty of water if you are having a big day. If you are drinking, have a glass of water between each drink. Your body and your skin will thank you for it.” If you’re not a fan of tap water, try coconut water, which is full of electrolytes.


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