Gigi Hadid proves how fit she really is

In the most relatable way possible

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

As well as being our low maintenance hair and glowing skin goals, Gigi Hadid also has the abs of our dreams. And just when you think Gigi can’t get any more perfect, a video of her chatting away while holding the dreaded core- strengthening plank is revealed..  

The video shows Gigi being interviewed while doing the plank as part of an ad campaign for fitness brand Reebok. And while the content of the interview is very inspiring (like Gigi reminding us to call our mum), watching her incredible form shows off just how fit she really is, and at the same time her struggle proves that she is in fact a regular human who hates doing the plank just as much as we do.

Check out the model’s amazing form (at the start, of course):

And here's when she starts to struggle a bit. Haven't we all been guilty of the cheeky downward dog mid-plank? It didn't take long before she was pulled back into line by her trainer Rob Piela, telling her to keep her hips down.

And watch the video for yourself here.

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Image credit: @gigihadid

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