H&M to launch a beauty range

Just when you thought shopping there couldn’t get any better.

Contributor / May 25 2017

The European fashion giant H&M sent Australia silly when it opened flagship stores in both Melbourne and Sydney last year. And when it was announced that it was dabbling in the world of beauty overseas and we were left without our own cosmetics department, we silently wept.

Well, now, they are finally stepping into makeup territory in Australia, with the announcement of a 700+ beauty range to launch in our stores this year.

The new collection will include a full range of makeup, body care, hair care and styling tools in all of the Australian stores.

The exciting collection will also cater to a variety of budgets, with a premium beauty line as well as a ‘conscious’ range featuring eco-friendly products.

Sara Wallander, concept designer of H&M beauty explains, “It’s an opportunity to be inventive, creative and to have fun with colour that inspires us.”

 While we know the new beauty range will be in stores this year, the exact date is yet to be confirmed.


Passionate about all things beauty, Brittany has created digital and print content for BEAUTYcrew and Famous Live.