VIDEO: 3 ways to add volume to your hair

Forget hair extensions, here’s how to restore body in an instant

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / April 11 2016

If you’re like me and hate how hair can just fall flat, then you’ll want to try these tricks to boost volume instantly.

Volume level: 3/10

The easiest way to give your hair some lift is with some volumising powder, such as bhave Gun Powder Matte Styling Dust. If you’ve never used it before, it’s just a finely milled powder that you can sprinkle into your roots or mid-lengths to boost volume in the area. My best advice is to use a little at a time, as the product can feel quite sticky, and you never want to end up with too much product - it’s always easier to add product than to try and take it out! Also, it’s a good idea to sprinkle the product onto your fingers first, then press it into your hair, which will give you much more control.

Volume level: 6/10

Another way you can boost volume is by using a root lift spray, such as Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over. Spritz it straight into your roots and mid-lengths, then use a hairdryer such as Philips Pro Dryer AC HPS920 to set the product into place. You can add even more volume by tipping your hair upside down, and wave the hairdryer so that the heat is distributed evenly around your head. Finish by switching to the cool setting to set the style. When you tip your head back up, use your fingers to separate any hair that may have fallen out of place. 

Volume level: 9/10

Here’s one more way you can boost volume in your hair. Remember hair crimpers? They actually work really well at adding volume, and it’s all about where you place the crimps. To get the look, part your hair as normal, then on one side, lift the top section up along the part and clip it away. That section should be about half an inch thick. Then use your crimper, like VS Sassoon Total Crimp, and press it onto the hair, as close to the roots as possible. Wait about 10 seconds for the hair to cool, then unclip the first section. The crimps should be completely concealed by that section. Then, repeat for the other side. 

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