How to enhance your facial features

A few master strokes will give you defined cheekbones and a pretty flush

InStyle Contributor / May 03 2016

We’re not all blessed with Shanina Shaik’s bone structure, but thanks to a few simple make-up shading techniques, you can sculpt your way to higher cheekbones and a healthy post-workout blush. All you need are three make-up essentials and a few simple steps. Here, make-up artist Elsa Morgan reveals how to get the look.


Shade it in

The aim is to contrast light with dark and while it can be tricky to achieve, put in the time and you’ll reap the face-lifting rewards. With a medium-sized brush and matte bronzer in hand, suck in your cheeks and follow an imaginary line downwards from the centre of your ear, sweeping the bronzer (such as Rimmel London Natural Bronzer) under your cheekbone and towards the outer corner of your mouth. Blend the edges of the line for a natural effect.


Add some colour

The rosiness of your complexion fades through the decades as your skin becomes more sallow – but a little blush (such as Maybelline New York Master Glaze Blush Stick) will bring it right back. Morgan likes cheek stains and cream products because they allow the skin’s texture to show through. Using your fingertips, pat the colour onto the high point of your cheeks “where you would naturally blush,” she says.


Bring on a glow

To further enhance your bone structure, enlist the light reflective properties of an illuminiser (such as Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Bronze Glow) in either a powder or a liquid formula. Apply it to your cheekbones, on your browbones and across the top of your forehead. “It’s a quick trick to light up the face and give skin a beautiful radiance,” says Morgan.

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