MBFWA: Get the hair look from Ginger & Smart

Perfect for a special occasion

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 17 2016

Forget tying your hair back with an elastic or pulling it back with bobby pins; at Ginger & Smart, we saw models strut down the runway with cotton thread stitched across the back of their hairstyles as a nod to the delicate fabrics featured in the show.

Richard Kavanagh, Redken Hair Director, designed the hair look with faux fringes that heavily framed the face. “I took inspiration from the early mod period and British skinhead girls called suede-heads, and wanted this hairstyle at this show to look strong and cool.”

While we understand that it’s not an everyday look to try, it is certainly something you should try for a special occasion, due to its delicate nature.

Curious? Read on for more…


Prep your base

Use about 2-3 pumps of Redken’s Diamond Oil from your mid-lengths to ends, and blow-dry it off with a round brush. A centre-part works best for this hairstyle.


Flatten your hair

With a tail comb, create three horizontal sections of across the back of your head– top, middle and bottom. Clip the top and bottom sections away.


Plait away

Braid the smaller middle horizontal section from left to right, and pin it down so that it remains flat against your head.

This technique is great for girls with a lot of hair, as it gives the overall appearance of a more narrow, flatter and smaller silhouette.
Richard Kavanagh
Hair Director


Comb it through

Unclip the top and bottom sections, and comb it through with a brush.


Stitch it down

Using the middle braided section as an anchor, carefully use a needle and thread (you may need someone to help you with this), to stitch the top section down.


Add more shape

Loosen the face-framing pieces of hair on both sides of your face by pulling hair out of the stitches. Don’t loose it up too much, as you want this section to just gently overlap your temples. Finish with Redken’s Triple Take 32 to lock in the shape.

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