Add some glam to your side ponytail

A simple tweak is all it takes

Beauty Crew Digital Content Director / April 11 2016

A ponytail is everyday; this side ponytail is perfect for special occasions. Shiny hair, a touch of wavy texture and a flick over the shoulder is all it takes to master this stunning yet effortless hairstyle.

Mark Hampton, Toni & Guy global hair ambassador shows us how it’s done.


Create some lift

Spray a lifting product into damp roots, then “make a side part and use a blow-dryer to roughly dry it in’”, says Hampton. “Don’t dry the hair until it has become super smooth – keep a little texture and volume.”

TryToni & Guy Glamour 3D Volumiser


Toni&Guy Glamour 3D


Secure your hair

Gather your hair on the same side of the part and secure with an elastic, keeping the placement as low as possible.


The extra touch

For added polish, wrap a small section of hair around the elastic and pin in place with a bobby pin.


Add some curl and wave

Take a small curling iron and pick up random sections in the ponytail and wrap these around the wand to add texture.

Try: ghd Creative Curl Wand

ghd creative curve


Loosen it up

Once your ponytail has cooled, comb through with your fingers to break up the curls.

Main image credit: Getty

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