The experts guide to layering your makeup

Makeup artist Victor Henao reveals the secret to flawless skin

InStyle Contributor / January 11 2017

A flawless complexion isn’t just about finding the right products for the job –it’s also about how you apply and layer them to get a natural-looking finish. From creating the perfect canvas to layering your formulas like an expert, Victor Henao, Director of Global Makeup Design for Estée Lauder, shows us just how easy it is to put our best face forward. Here are three simple steps to get beautiful skin with makeup.


Prep your complexion

“I start with moisturiser,” says Henao. And for added hydration, “I always mix in three or four pumps of facial oil, like Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Rejuvenating Oil,” he says. Next, add primer, which acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation. Just like your base, it’s important to find a primer suited to your skin type.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Rejuvenating Oil


Choose the right base

It’s not just about the formula –it also depends how much coverage you require. “I apply a sheer foundation with a brush, including under the eyes, and then I like to use my fingers or a sponge to create a seamless finish,” says Henao. Then he recommends, “spot concealing”, concentrating only on areas that require additional coverage. We like Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, which has a concealer in the cap to give you extra coverage when spot concealing.

Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer


Finish with powder

Henao’s best tip for layering products is to never apply powder until you've finished layering and are completely ready to set your makeup. “It’s best to wait until the foundation is dry –that way you can see how it settles onto the skin,” he says. “Once you use a powder, you can’t apply any additional [cream] layers.” We love NYX Mineral Finishing Powder.

NYX Mineral Finishing Powder

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