Steps to take better care of your feet

Beyond your weekly pedi, that is!

Women's Health Contributing Editor / January 24 2017

You use them every day just to walk from A to B so it’s no surprise that your feet take a lot of punishment, especially when you bust out a 5km run. “Every runner will experience blisters and calluses at some stage,” says Todd Ridge, owner of the Running Company. Thankfully, we have four simple solutions to help keep your feet pretty and ready to be on show all summer long.


Massage your toes

How to deal with the glamour of callused toes? Massage them –regularly, says celeb pedicurist and podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez. “Stretch your toes. Then, pinch the knuckle and lift up [the skin]. If you do this every night, in three weeks the calluses will disappear.”


Dust feet in talcum powder

It’s Gonzalez’s secret for blitzing blisters. “It absorbs humidity, your feet won’t sweat, get swollen and create that burning friction – it’s like an invisible sock to protect the skin,” he says.


Get your shoes properly fitted

Too-big kicks are worse than too small: the repeated micro movement over long distances can cause you to lose toenails. Make sure you invest in the right size and don’t just go for the ones that are on sale! Your nails are irreplaceable, after all.


Pick a foot lotion with the perfect scent

When choosing a foot cream, go for sage over mint. Mint is for smelly feet; sage helps reduce skin inflammation.

Want your feet to also feel baby-soft? These are the foot creams we can't get enough of.

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