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Beauty Crew Editor / June 18 2024

The humble man bun has fast become the go-to hairstyle for men sporting a little length in their locks. And while the once-only-reserved-for-hipsters hairstyle may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying the look is here to stay for a while, so we asked John Vial, Fudge Professional Global Creative Director for his tips on nailing the effortless look.

Full disclosure: According to Vial, your hair needs to be at least six inches or longer in length, otherwise your bun will look more like a paintbrush or pineapple. So if you’re just shy of that length, get growing!


Add texture

You really want your man bun to look totally effortless and even a little dishevelled, so “make sure to add lots of texture with Fudge Professional Salt Spray to create a matte, ‘lived in’ feel.”
Add sea salt spray


Use your hands

Vial insists you need to ditch the hairbrush and use your hands to pull your hair back into a bun for a natural-looking effect.
Pull hair back


Pick your style

It’s up to you if you want to do the half-man bun (the top half of your hair) or a full man bun (all of your hair), but the technique is the same. Collect your hair at the crown and make sure that the bun you create is loose and a little messy.


Tie it up

Secure your bun with a hairband, “not a [rubber] elastic, as these have a tendency to rip your hair out,” and pull out some random strands from the bun for a less polished finish. Avoid finishing off with a spritz of hairspray, as the style should look as natural as possible.
Secure your hair
TOP TIP: For an edgier, more modern take on the man bun, Vial recommends asking your hairdresser for an undercut with length at the crown.

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