Huda Kattan shares her hack for cleaning false lashes

With this trick you can now wear your lashes as many as 15 times

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 28 2020

While we love long dramatic lashes as much as the next person, sometimes it is a little hard to justify false lashes – apart from the difficulty most people (us included) have putting them on, they’re generally a single wear investment, which can get expensive very quickly. Single wear, that is, until now. Beauty vlogger Huda Kattan has just revealed how she makes her false lashes last up to 15 wears, and we’re sold.

Huda posted a video on her Instagram that shows how she makes her used false eyelashes look practically brand new with only a few tools and ingredients. In her lash cleaning kit is a pair of tweezers, cotton pads, Q-tips and a cleansing formula (Huda uses Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution).

First, she uses the tweezers to remove any leftover glue from the falsies. Huda then pours a generous amount of cleanser onto two round cotton pads, before placing the lashes between them and leaving them to soak for 30 seconds. This allows the majority of the mascara to melt off the lashes. Then, she places the lashes on top of the two cotton pads and uses a Q-tip (that’s been dipped in cleanser) to gently wipe away the remaining mascara. She then repeats the last step with a clean cotton pad and clean Q-tip and voila, your lashes will look as good as new.

See the video for yourself below:

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Do you have any false lash hacks to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Image & video credit: @hudabeauty

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