Everything you need to know about Lady Gaga's beauty brand

Lady Gaga's new makeup collection

Including expansions to keep your eyes peeled for

December 16 2020

If you don’t have your own makeup collection are you even a true celebrity? No. The answer is no. While everyone who’s anyone seems to have their own beauty brand (from Selena Gomez to Kris Jenner), we still can’t help but get excited to see what each celeb has in store, especially when that celeb is Lady Gaga.

After dropping hints on her Instagram account for weeks, posting stunning makeup looks with the hashtags #haus #hausofgaga and #hauseditorials, she finally dropped her makeup house, Haus Laboratories. With a range packed with everything rom foundation and cheek colours to brow products, lipsticks, balms and glosses, it's as multifaceted as Gaga herself; you could use it to create everything from a natural 'Star Is Born' vibe to a full 'Bad Romance' beat.

Haus of Beauty has also reserved the right for other products such as body scrubs, hand creams, and self-tanners. While there’s no guarantee that these will come to fruition, we certainly have our fingers specifically crossed for a skin care line, too, and honestly, things are looking good. Well, they're looking good in the research department; the release details are still very blurry.

Basically, Gaga took to Instagram (with purple hair and a festive winter filter, may we add) to reveal that she's actually been developing a skin care line for some time now... the only thing is, she doesn't plan on gracing any faces but her own with it just yet. Yep, it's just for her right now...


"First step to good makeup is #skincare," the singer shared. "I'm a super nerdy fairy about this. I believe almost all skin problems are caused by disruption of skin barrier and microbiome. My trick is to use solutions that balance my skin by interrupting any inflammation caused by free-radicals or products. So...I use products I develop...exclusively for me."

But while we'll definitely have to stay patient for now, her flawlessly smooth face already speaks volumes about the efficacy of the formulas. And considering the skin care trademarks filed by the brand include applications for cleansers, toners, scrubs, sunscreens and moisturisers, it sounds like we'll be in for a real treat when she finally decides to share...

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