Madison Beer wants you to 'go ham' with blush layering and here's why

Plus, her beloved cream AND powder go-tos

Digital Beauty Editor / November 01 2021

Honestly, if you’d quizzed us last week on what we thought Madison Beer’s favourite makeup look would be, we’d have guessed a cat eye. Or lip gloss with shine-factor diamonds would envy. Or a contour that could cut glass. She just does so many things so well.

We’d have been fools, though, because Beer just revealed via an Allure 'get ready with me video that it’s actually D) none of the above. In fact, it’s something you may be surprised by considering she’s always been the queen of bronzed beauty looks. “I’m obsessed with blush,” she shared, calling it her “favourite part” of her routine.

The Beer-and-blush love affair is fairly new, however – she definitely hasn’t always been a fan. “Blush is a thing where I look back at photos of myself from when I was younger and there [are] two things that for some reason I refused to wear and hated and thought were just not cute. It was blush and lip liner, which are now the two things that I would not leave my house without,” she explained.

She’s not talking a ‘slightly pinched’ smattering of rosy colour, either; Beer recommends going all in on the application. “I actually layer cream and powder,” she noted. “I’ve just learnt [that] whenever you think you have too much blush on, you have the perfect amount on, and then when you take a photo, you’re like, 'you can’t even see it'. That happens to me all the time where I will leave my house and I’ll be like 'okay, you went a little ham on the blush today' and then I’ll take a photo and I’m like 'where’d she go?'"


Moral of the story? Don’t just go ham, go super ham. Beer has some stellar product suggestions to help you nail the look, too. “The cream blush that I use is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Wand ($60 at Charlotte Tilbury); this is my favourite product. I don’t know if I’ll ever retire this product – it’s so, so, so good,” she shared, seemingly using the shade ‘Pinkgasm’.

As for application, her method of choice involved using a sponge to press it into her apples, cheekbones and interestingly, the tip of her nose. Gotta get that glow all over, right?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Wand in Pinkgasm

Next up? A powder layer to lock everything in (and double down on luminosity, of course). “The powder blush that I use is none other than my queen Rihanna, so Fenty Beauty; this is [the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo] ($57 at Sephora or $54.95 at Cosmetics Now) in the shade Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule,” she revealed, dusting the powder (which yes, is technically a highlighter duo in blush-toned colours) over the same areas with a fluffy brush.

“Specifically, I love this blush because it has the same shimmer as the cream one, and the reason I usually go for a cream over a powder is because I like feeling glowy, and I like feeling refreshed – I’m not really into a matte vibe.”

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule

So if it’s a celeb-approved cheat sheet to gorgeous, glowy blush that you were after, um, you’re very welcome.

Main image credit: @madisonbeer

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