6 ways to make your lips look plump

Super-size your smackers with these makeup tips

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / December 07 2016

We have the likes of Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to blame for us wanting big, beautiful and shapely lips that boast lots of volume. And while it is a big commitment to get them done semi-permanently using dermal fillers, there are ways to temporarily boost the size of your smackers using makeup. Here are our favourite ways to do so.  


Go for gloss

The easiest way to instantly plump up the look of lips is with a lip gloss layered over your lipstick. The reason why it’s so effective? Shiny textures allow light to bounce off effectively and evenly, therefore accentuating the shape and curves of your lips. We like NYX Butter Gloss for its shiny yet shimmer-free opaque formula that feels light on lips without being sticky.


Try contouring

Just like how contouring can visibly shape your face, the same can be done for your lips. To do so, etch a dark colour on the outside edge from the corners of your bottom lip to about two centimetres towards the middle to create a 3D effect. A cream formula may work in your favour as it can be applied precisely; Tarte The Sculptor Amazonian Clay Contouring Face Slenderizer is packaged in pen-like packaging with a pointed tip that makes contouring the area easy.  Then apply your lipstick to the entire lip as you normally would.


Overline your lips

One technique that Kylie Jenner has brought to fame is overdrawing, where you use a lip pencil to draw just outside of your natural lip line to visually make your lips appear bigger. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude is a fail-safe option, as the shade works with most skin tones and the creamy formula melts upon contact.


Pick the right shade

If you really want to make your lips look bigger than they are, avoid dark lipstick colours at all cost, and focus on wearing nude or pink colours. Maroons, purples and the like are notorious for thinning out the shape of lips,which is counteractive in this case.


Apply a lip plumper

A lip plumper, usually in the form of a gloss-like serum, is a great option to try for more dramatic results. One that delivers noticeable results is Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, which tingles on the skin once applied, and features a blend of ingredients to increase blood circulation in lips to give a plumper overall look.


Pat on some highlight

Using makeup to highlight can heighten the look of certain facial features. To make your top lip look bigger, pat a shimmery highlighter just over your Cupid’s bow to define the area. Australis Mineral Face Highlighter works well as it contains tiny specks of glitter to bring focus to an area, but is sheer enough to blend into your lipstick of choice.

Looking for more lip makeup ideas? Follow this guide to picking the best colour for your skin tone, and try this trick to set your lipstick.

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