MAFS' Cathy Evans' incredible head-to-toe transformation

Married At First Sight 2020 Cathy Evans Extreme Transformation

She looks like a completely different person

February 04 2020

Before appearing on Married At First Sight Australia, Cathy Evans underwent a head-to-toe transformation so extreme that you may barely recognise her in old photos. Her transformation spanned years and involved not just dramatic body reshaping in the gym but also breast augmentation surgery and facial injectables.

After hitting her heaviest bodyweight, Cathy decided she needed to make some serious changes for her health and kicked off her new exercise regimen. She shared her 14-kilogram weight loss and the beginning of her journey on Instagram:

“Here is my hump day motivation… The picture on the left I was soooo unhappy I remember I started crying and thinking what the fuck had I become. I had gotten so big and yuck that I was being mistaken for playing rugby due to my size. I couldn't even walk without chaffing between my legs… I had SEVERE hormonal issues, so high and out of balance that I had acne all over my back and I hate tooting my own horn here but I have very good skin so the fact that I had acne all over my shoulders and back worried me. I also had my period every two weeks, I had become puffy and dense with solid fat that was toxic to the body. I had cellulite all over my lower back and arms and legs and worse cellulite I've ever seen were the craters on my arse. I know this sounds gross but it's true.”

“The picture on the right is me now,” she continued. “I feel healthier, physically, emotionally and mentally. Especially mentally. I eat for health and steady fat loss. I am no longer hormonally imbalanced, my skin has completely cleared up. I've tightened up and the craters on my ass are gone!”

Cathy also hinted that her transformation wasn’t yet complete, setting the scene for all her other changes to come:

“I feel like a new person and I always thought there was an end destination for my journey ... But there isn't. I will want constant improvement so I'm buckling up the long ride and working on that endurance cuz it's for life now. Health is for life.”

In 2016, Cathy took her personal makeover project to new levels and disclosed to fans that she had undergone a breast augmentation in Phuket, revealing in an Instagram comment she'd gone for 325cc sized implants.

To top off her beauty evolution, Cathy has also received lip injections to add extra volume to her pout. 

Cathy isn't the only MAFS contestant to have undergone a drastic transformation. Check out Elizabeth Sobinoff’s beauty evolution in pictures here.

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