Millie Bobby Brown has 2 tactics for "rough" blemishes

And isn't afraid to show followers her flare-ups

Editor / October 25 2023

It’s easy to think that celebs simply don’t deal with breakouts. Firstly, because they’ve got access to the best professionals and products in the game, and secondly, well, because most simply don’t talk about the times that they do.

Millie Bobby Brown, however, is committed to sharing her skin journey with the world, even when it’s a chapter she describes as “rough”.

The actress routinely takes up close and personal selfies of her acne and isn't afraid to highlight her struggles with pimples via social media. Recently she shared via Instagram a side by side comparison of her skin with and without makeup.

But she doesn't just take photos of her skin for Instagram likes. She's happy to share her skin care tips for clearer skin too.

“As you can tell I’m having a pretty rough night with my skin,” the Stranger Things star shared via an Instagram video. "This zit is not very happy, these pimples up here are not happy, [and] this one right here isn’t [either],” she noted, pointing to a few flare-ups on her face that she theorised were breakouts of hormonal acne.

So how does she deal with pimples when they arise? Here are her top acne hacks…

How Millie Bobby Brown treats acne

“I just cleaned my face so I’m just going to show you a trick that I personally think works,” Brown explained. “[I apply] the [Florence By Mills] Clear The Way Clarifying Mud Mask ($20 at Florence By Mills, currently waitlisted). It has honestly really worked for me in the past.”

She doesn’t apply the mud mask all over, though; simply where the spots have popped up. “I actually just use it for spot treatment, just in the areas that I feel need cleaning,” she confirmed, doing just that.

Florence By Mills Clear The Way Clarifying Mud Mas

“For this one, that just looks really angry with me, I’m just going to put one of my [tea tree oil] stickers on there,” she explained, referring to her Florence By Mills Spot A Spot Blemish Patches ($15 at Florence By Mills, currently waitlisted).

“I’m actually [going to do something] never-seen-before,” she joked. “[I’m going to] double up on them, because the surrounding area is also really unhappy with me. [Doing this] has really helped me with my spot treatment.”

Florence By Mills Spot A Spot Blemish Patches

Here's a look at Brown's acne-treating tricks in action...

How fans reacted to Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘rough’ skin video

While the products used were (unsurprisingly) from her own brand, Florence By Mills, followers still found Brown’s skin transparency refreshing.

“Thank you for showing the normality of the skin and the truth to decomplex the young girls who believe that to be beautiful is to have a perfect skin and without imperfections, whereas it clearly does not exist,” one commented.

Another fan echoed their sentiments: “Millie I love that you show people that no one is physically perfect. A lot of time celebrities put this idea in our heads that they are perfectly beautiful or handsome. And it’s not true. We’re all humans, and humans aren’t perfect! They’re messy and imperfect. Thank you for being raw enough to show us all that.”

Some commenters were even quick to hype her up, blemishes and all: “Okay but how on earth do pimples look good on her,” one wrote. We love this skin positivity!

Main image credit: @busterknight

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