3 ways to perfect a liquid lip colour

How To Perfect A Liquid Lipstick

The rules that guarantee a flawless finish

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 16 2017

With the rapid expansion of the lip makeup category over the last few years comes a gamut of new products that promise to perfect your lip look. And one product type that seems to be the trickiest to get right is liquid lipstick, as they're long-wearing and fast-setting which can typically cling to every line and patch of dry skin in path. We spoke with Nicole Thompson, Senior Artist for MAC, to get the lowdown on how to perfectly apply a liquid lip colour.


Always prime your lips

Just like how a makeup primer can boost the longevity of your foundation, a lip primer can do the same for your smackers. “Matte lip colours can feel heavy on the lips,” explains Thompson. “I always put a primer underneath, like MAC Prep + Prime Lip, and even take it over the edge of the lips to give it a nice soft edge and to comfort the skin.”

Sometimes I put a little bit of primer or lip balm over the top of the matte lip colour to make it even more comfortable without it looking too shiny.
Nicole Thompson
Senior Artist


Clean up the edges with a powder

Instead of reaching for a cotton tip dipped in micellar water, Thompson has another method she likes to use to clean up any feathering around the lips. “I find that concealer can blend in with a red lip colour and it can then turn into a pink colour,” says Thompson. “Instead, I’ll get a mineral face powder and a flat brush to clean up around the edges. Mineral powders work well because they can blend into the skin around the mouth really easily without leaving a residue behind.” Try NYX Mineral Finishing Powder.


Avoid re-applying

If your lip colour is looking a little worse for wear, especially after you’ve eaten lunch, avoid reapplying your liquid lipstick straight over what you already have. Thompson recommends doing the following instead: “It’s just easier to take it all off and start again. I feel like the more you layer with these long-wearing products, it can look crusty.”

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