The '00s pouf is well and truly back

And we're feeling triggered TBH

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / November 16 2022

The resurgences of certain fashion and beauty trends over the years have left us scratching our heads looking visibly perturbed.

Remember when the jelly sandals of the ‘90s were reborn as a legitimate footwear choice of adults in the late ‘00s?

How about when the go-to school disco hairstyle that was crimped hair made a comeback (and on the heads of countless celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sophie Turner and Kylie Jenner, no less).

Well, it turns out that our chagrin for rehashing the misled aesthetic decisions of our youth is set to be further perpetuated…

In 2022 we’re welcoming the unwelcome return of the pouf hairstyle.


One fan of the look? Addison Rae, who even devoted a TikTok to the style. "Bring back poofs. Btw where’s my bump it," she captioned the video. Keke Palmer also seems to be a supporter of the throwback trend, showing off her own take on it, opting for an exposed clip rather than a classic bobby pin.


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Yep, that’s correct. The bobby pin-laden, crown volumising style has reentered the beauty conversation, and quite frankly, we’d like it if it shut the eff up. 

Since its re-emergence, the millennials over at TikTok have taken the opportunity to educate their Gen Z audiences about the history of the hairstyle.

Recounting personal tales of their misguided teen eras, these content creators have taken the proverbial bullet for the rest of us millennials who would rather leave the pouf in our pasts.

We’ve buried countless images, and even pleaded with our mothers to reconsider the horrific photos they’ve accumulated on the public graveyard that is their Facebook accounts. 

But it seems any attempt to erase the existence of the pouf hair trend was in vain.

If you have the balls to criminalise yourself yet again in the name of a beauty trend we applaud your bravery.  

In any case, we’d advise you to invest in a LOT of bobby pins…

We recommend: 

Target 60 Pack Bobby Pins in ‘Blonde’ ($4 at Target); Premium Pin Company 999 2" Bobby Pins Bronze 60 Pack (was $4.25 now $3.61 at Oz Hair & Beauty); and Lady Jayne Super Hold Contoured Bobby Pins 60 Pack in ‘Brown’ ($4.99 at Chemist Warehouse).

This isn’t the first time we’ve retraumatised ourselves in the name of a throwback hair trend. Remember when Alexander McQueen resurrected the dip dye hair trend

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