AERIN Amber Musk

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AERIN Amber Musk is a warm floral musk fragrance. It features top notes of ambrox, middle notes of coconut water and Rose Centifolia absolute, and base notes of benzoin and musk.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


AERIN Amber Musk


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I bought this gorgeous fragrance while walking past it and having a casual spritz. I immediately loved its warm sweet, spicy, musky scent so much I had to have it. Its feminine and so so pretty, the scent is elegant and sophisticated. The bottle is also so pretty and unusual. This scent feels special so I am glad I made an impulse purchase and this is so lovely I would buy it again in a heartbeat
Such a pretty fragrance <3
This is one of the prettiest scents I have ever smelled in my life. It’s warm, spicy and sweet, but in a subtle way, extremely elegant, won’t offend anyone. As the name suggests Amber Musk is musky, balsamic and very delicate. To me it equals modern elegance, it is like a second skin, it makes me feel I am in some kind of a soft cocoon, feeling warm and safe. I imagine a lovely, very kind, smiling woman would wear it. amber Musk makes me calm. I think it is suitable for all social events and situations. It smells grown up, but it’s not old fashioned, it’s interesting and modern. Amber Musk also reminds me a little of Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily, one of my favourites too. I have to mention the bottle too as it is simple rectangular bottle with a lid looking like a gemstone. Very pretty and very effective too.