AERIN Evening Rose

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AERIN Evening Rose is a vibrant fruity floral fragrance. It features top notes of blackberry and cognac, middle notes of Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian rose absolute, and an incense base.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


AERIN Evening Rose


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This perfume has a lovely nostalgic feel to it - I can just imagine myself getting all doled up, and sitting at a beautiful vintage table with a glass of wine. I love that it's called 'evening' rose, because I think it's the perfect description. It doesn't smell like fresh, dewy roses, but instead conjures up images of faded roses, dusky purple evenings and a sky full of silver stars. I think this would be the perfect elegant perfume for date nights in Winter - timeless and mysterious. Upon first spray, you get a hint of warm spice from the cognac, which then quickly fades into incense, velvety rose and fruity blackberry. The scent is definitely very feminine, soft and alluring. It's a bit too heady for me during the day, but I spray it on whenever I go out at night - perfect for both Summer and Winter nights, and will make you feel elegant and mysterious. The scent also has incredible lasting power - if I spray it on my wrist, the scent is still there after a night's sleep!