AERIN Gardenia Rattan Eau de Parfum

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AERIN Gardenia Rattan is a feminine floral fragrance that captures the spirit of a summer’s day. It features top notes of sparkling wet marine, middle notes of gardenia, tuberose and Tiare Tahiti, and an amber base.


AERIN Gardenia Rattan Eau de Parfum


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I have always loved Estée Lauder's fragrances. It feels like they have put in so much time and thought into each fragrance so each fragrance they have are unique to each other and there is a fragrance to suit every occasion. This Aerin's Gardenia fragrance is perfect for an evening party where the location is close to water or gardens. This fragrance is my weekend, evening fragrance. The bottle is beautiful, it's simple but elegant. I love the bottle top, it reminds me of precious stones. The fragrance smells exactly like a gardenia garden bed. It instantly transports me to somewhere I am surrounded by stunning flowers. I feel elegant and sexy with this fragrance on. As the fragrance settles, the amber base is more noticeable.  This fragrance is suitable for women of all ages above 20.
I admit it....i am a perfume addict (48 bottles and counting).I do though,have a "type" (summery,boho,Gardenia and Tuberose,Tiare),and this fits me to a "T",with it's gardenia notes being front row centre,and the tiare not far behind. This scent feels / smells a ltd ed and something Aerin Lauder herself would wear,and screams of summer.The fragrance lasts well (4-5 hrs),but i felt it could have lasted a little longer (it is an EDP after all).The bottle is beautiful,the top helps you identify which scent you have (that is the great thing about these tops...if you aren't there yourself to purchase,you can say "the one with the green / blue / pink top" and no mistake will take place.The pricepoint is a tiny bit steep,but worth it.