AERIN Iris Meadow

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AERIN Iris Meadow is a warm, woody floral fragrance reminiscent of an open field of wild flowers. It features notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, cedarwood, Egyptian jasmine and iris.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


AERIN Iris Meadow


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A friend gave me this fragrance and I am quite surprised as to how much I use it on the daily. I am quite picky with my fragrances and usually go for the classics like Coco Chanel Mademoiselle or Poeme by Lancome. This one however is very fresh and light, not too strong yet strong enough to know you are wearing something. I'm impressed and would consider checking out more this range has offer.
Iris Meadow is a lovely, polite fragrance that will make each day a pleasant and calming experience. It opens with juicy green notes ( not sour though), changing into flowery and a bit fruity middle, reaching powdery and woody base. This is a  subtle feminine scent for every day of the year. Delicately powdery, Iris Meadow is not warm, rather cool, not sweet and at all, but very comforting. It’s quite simple, yet elegant. A perfect scent for work, I can imagine a doctor or those who work close to other people being able to wear it, as it stays close to the skin, is not offensive at all, yet it gives that woody powdery sillage.