AERIN Lilac Path

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AERIN Lilac Path is a crisp, delicate floral fragrance. It features top notes of lilac and galbanum, middle notes of jasmine lactones, and base notes of angelica seed oil and orange flower.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


AERIN Lilac Path


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I am very particular about my fragrances, and I am obsessed with Aerin Lauder's perfumes. The Lilac Path is lovely floral fragrance with excellent silage. The bottles are elegantly designed in the spirit of Aerin and Estee Lauder's vision. The smell compliments beautifully as a summer and spring fragrance, and sprays perfectly on the skin. It was released in 2013 and I have been wearing this fragrance since. I adore the Jasmine and Angelica seed middle notes.
As soon as the first buds start to bloom on the trees and the crisp, cool air begins to mingle with the warmth of Spring, run out and get this perfume because that is the time when this is pure magic.  It is the lightest floral bouquet that is just heavenly this time of year.  Wearing this perfume I just FEEL the lilac - the flower and the colour.  The only negative is its staying power.  It doesn't last long.  This perfume is just like lilacs themselves -once you smell the fresh, soft sweetness of lilac suddenly it's gone, leaving you wishing for more.
I love the whole range by Aerin, especially this lilac fragrance. The bottle is gorgeous, it’s a simple block but it has the most beautiful lid.  This fragrance is very feminine. It’s floral and sweet and reminds me of Spring. I can smell lilac and orange flower. It’s very lovely. The fragrance lasts on my skin from 7 am in the morning until I get home at 7pm.