AERIN Rose Body Wash

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AERIN Rose Body Wash is a body wash scented with AERIN’s signature floral infusion. It works to thoroughly clean skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. 


AERIN Rose Body Wash


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Beauty is completely skin deep, and any good beauty regime begins in the shower. With a swirl of scented shower gel, a massage with a body scrub, lathering up with shampoo and conditioner, and sweeping scented body moisturiser over damp skin, I can feel like I'm in one of the best professional day spa's in the world, all in the comfort of my own bathroom and shower. Once I'm showered and sweet smelling, hydrated and soft and pampered and nourished from top to toe, only then am I ready to face the day, and whatever it has to throw at me. With my arsenal of scented shower gels, body moisturisers, scrubs, shampoos and conditioners, I am ready and prepared and poised for all the world to see. I know that $75 seems like an outrageous amount to spend on a shower gel, but certain products from certain beautiful brands are worth the money, time and effort, and Aerin  Rose body wash is one of those select few products that earn their way into my very special collection of body care products, or my little army as I call it. Rose is one of my favourite ever smells, it is heady, floral and so girly and feminine, powerful to boot too. Stepping into my shower the next morning, after first washing and conditioning my hair, wrapping it all up in a shower cap to penetrate and be steam treated, I dispensed a small amount of the body wash onto my shower puff and massaged over my entire body thoroughly from my feet upwards and back down, then rinsed off my entire body and hair thoroughly and moisturised my still damp skin and dressed, ready to move onto my facial routine. Immediately and all that day, my skin was lingering with the scent of the most powerful, floral and sweet and heady rose. It's like Aerin Lauder had bottled a bunch of fresh, strong red roses and marketed it exactly as was. It is the best and most pure rose scented product I've ever used to this day, and whenever I use it, which is most days, I feel absolutely no need for perfume or even a body lotion, as my skin is left so soft, smooth, hydrated, silky and gorgeously scented of roses all day and night long. The pink bottle is so pretty sitting in my shower caddy and because I need so little every time I use it, the $75 price tag is so worth it in quality, quantity and instant and long lasting results. Beauty is most definitely skin deep, starting in your very own shower, and with gorgeous body care products such as this Aerin Lauder rose body wash, you are well on your way to being hit with waves of power, confidence and femininity each and every day, which is the beautiful thing about beauty.