AERIN Rose de Grasse

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AERIN Rose de Grasse is a feminine rose fragrance. At its heart is a fusion of roses including the hundred-petaled Rose Centifolia, hand-picked in Grasse.


AERIN Rose de Grasse


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I’ll be the first to admit that I was initially enticed by Aerin Rose de Grasse because of the stunning, opaque white and gold-toned bottle which exudes elegance and timelessness. Having smelt a lot of different perfumes in the past claiming pure, natural notes of rose, which then turned out to smell very synthetic, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d enjoy this perfume. When I did try it out, I was so pleasantly surprised!! Heady and romantic - Aerin Rose de Grasse is the definition of what a true rose scent should be. Upon spraying, the scent is initially very watery with hints of musk. However all good things appear if you’re patient and Aerin Rose de Grasse is no exception. After waiting a short while, it almost seems to bloom into a resonant, rich and full-toned scent, which is very reminiscent of the beautifully fresh and subtle scent of a newly bloomed rose. The fresh, clean scent of green leaves also comes forward. Whenever I wear it I feel like I’m taking a walk through the woods - enchanting and magical. The scent has incredible lasting power, even after a whole day out I can still smell it on my clothes. I personally can overlook the cost of the perfume, simply because of the high-quality ingredients used to make the perfume - hand-picked Rose Centifolia from Grasse and Rose Otto Bulgarian from Bulgaria.