AERIN Rose Hand & Body Cream

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AERIN Rose Hand & Body Cream is a silky lightweight hand and body lotion that is scented with Aerin’s signature rose fragrance. It deeply moisturises and revitalises the look and condition of skin.


AERIN Rose Hand & Body Cream


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I love all Aerin lotion or perfumes, it’s so luxurious and smell great, long lasting. This particular rose fragrance is also great, I feel spoiled everytime I use it. It’s expensive though so I don’t use it everyday, only special occasion when dating with my hubby. Great one, Estee Lauder.
I have a tube of this sitting on my bathroom vanity. It looks beautiful and luxurious. However I rarely reach for it, preferring either my weleda sea buckthorn body lotion or the andalou naturals rose scented lotion. The cream is lovely, moisturising and it sinks quickly into the skin not leaving a greasy or oily finish. I just don't like the powdery rose scent of this which lingers for quite a while. I also think it is very expensive for a body lotion that doesn't moisturise any better than my other much less expensive lotions.
This is quite a rich, luxurious cream so you only need a pea sized amount for each hand.  It is a thick, pale pink cream with a powdery rose scent which is quite perfumed and lovely.  It’s incredibly hydrating but does not leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy as it absorbs beautifully.  Yes it’s pricey but you really only need a small amount and it lasts all day, unlike other creams you have to apply multiple times. Can’t wait to try other varieties.
I always find it difficult to buy a present for a woman I hardly know. I never know what to get them so they like it and they won't feel offended in any way. Spending a lot of money that is going to land in the bin is not a great thought. My dilemma is gone now as I found the perfect gift. The hand and body cream from Aerin ticks all the boxes, it looks good, it smells great and is luxurious. Also, one is definitely going to use it eiether as a body cream or hand cream. I have a generous deluxe sample of the Rose edition (but I am sure other fragrances are as heavenly) and I am loving it. As a hand cream it feels lovel on the skin, and what is important to me personally, sinks right into the skin and doesn't leave any tangible film. However, my hands feels nourished and moisturised. The skin feels soft and smells delicately of roses. As a body cream it works as beautifully. I hardly ever buy myself posh body lotions or expensive hand creams that is why I appreciate a lovely product so much. In my opinion, this hand and body cream makes a perfect gift.