AERIN Rose Oil

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AERIN Rose Oil is a nourishing, multi-use oil enriched with evening primrose, rosehip, sweet almond and argan oils to soften and hydrate the skin, leaving it conditioned, soft and radiant.


AERIN Rose Oil


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This is the most adorable little bottle of special oil. Kudos on the packaging. I was shocked at how lightweight this oil is and how it absorbs so quickly. It's super-liquid and rose oil is the #1 ingredient. I love using this oil. I apply 5 drops of this to my face at the end of my morning skincare routine. The scent is beautiful—a light rose that is neither sickly sweet or grannyish—and the formula is hydrating without being weighty.
I received a sample of another brand's rose face oil with a Sephora order and I was planning on buying it until I saw the price. I had been lusting over it ever since when I saw this, at over half the price, and knew I had to give it go. I love the scent of roses, but I am also very sensitive to fragrance and so it's hard to find something that smells lovely yet won't give me a headache (I don't wear perfume at all). This oil smells so divine, and yet is light enough, and doesn't have the alcohol effect of perfume, that it's perfect for me. From an aesthetic point of view, I adore everything about this face oil. The bottle is gorgeous, the scent is to die for and it feels to luxurious applying a face oil. From the skincare aspect this oil has helped clear up the patches of dermatitis that I get from winter and spring allergies and soothed the rough spots that can come from heated offices and homes during cold weather. It hasn't aggravated my oily, blemish prone skin  either. I don't mind applying this right before bed, or before doing my makeup as it sinks in well and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or looking shiny. Even at half the price of the other product, this face oil is still not cheap but I think it's worth it. For someone who might be looking for a light fragrance, this works beautifully when applied to the neck and chest, especially before a night out. I'm glad I found this face oil, it makes me feel like I am bringing an extra bit of luxury to my days. 
I received this gorgeous rose oil for my birthday recently and absolutely love it. The stopper delivers just enough oil easily so it doesnt spill everywhere making it easy to use. The fragrance is gorgeous and does not overpower, its feminine and fresh. It does leave skin so soft and as I can have sensitive skin in winter when its dry this oil is great as it wont irritate or dry out skin, leaving it with just the right amount of fragrance. This makes a lovely gift as its an indulgence I would not noramlly splurge on for myself making it extra special. i would recommend buying this as a lovely gift