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Andalou Rejuvenating Cream

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Andalou Rejuvenating Cream improves skin texture, boosts dermal vitality, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst delivering deep hydration and a boost to collagen growth.



Andalou Rejuvenating Cream


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A great anti ageing product for fighting wrinkles

I love that this is a plant based product. It is a great alternative to retinol creams, really gentle yet it works really well on fine lines and wrinkles. My fine lines are a lot less visible when I use this cream, my skin looks and feels smoother and really hydrated. At under $45.00 I think it’s a real bargain for the results it delivers which are very similar to a much more expensive brand. I love the cool purple and silver packaging which actually feels quite luxe and I love that it rejuvenates my skin and gives it a more youthful appearance at a great price. This is a great anti ageing product, something I am always on the lookout for. I love andolou products and I will be buying this again