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Andalou Sensitive Skin Get Started Kit

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Andalou Sensitive Skin Get Started Kit is a starter kit containing five skin care essentials for delicate, dry and reactive skin. Perfect for trial and travel. Kit contains: 1 x 1000 Roses® Pearl Exfoliator, 1 x 1000 Roses® Floral Toner, 1 x 1000 Roses® Rosewater Mask, 1 x 1000 Roses® Beautiful Day Cream and 1 x 1000 Roses® Heavenly Night Cream. PhytoCellTec® alpine rose stem cells support the skin’s hydro lipid barrier to help counteract inflammation and the look of premature ageing, uplifting appearance and resilience.



Andalou Sensitive Skin Get Started Kit


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Love This Set of Faint Rose Scented Products

An excellent kit that has a lot of products from this sensitive skin range. I loved how almost scentless the products were but still I could detect the faintest of rose but it was perfect for sensitive times for sensitive skins. This is a quality sampler that gives the buyer a real experience for the range and I loved this range. The packaging is cute too with it's pink colour coded signature that reflects the super soft rose essences used in the formula. Though this is for sensitive skins I think anyone with any skin type could enjoy this range. I have oily combination ageing skin and my skin appreciated this especially at a time when I was coming off anaesthetic and didn't want any or much in the way of fragrance about me. The products are all of a good deluxe size and there is plenty of uses in each product so that I could get a real feel for the formula. This is one of the best budget yet great quality buys that I've found and maybe the best actually! Individually the products formula rate high in quality yet are not pricey to re-purchase the full size either. Anyone who loves the faint essence of roses or just faintly scented products that virtually are fragrance free in some cases would love this set. Also those who love to try before they buy would appreciate this, as would anyone travelling who needs enough for a couple of weeks.