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Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner

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Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner is a pure pore toner that helps create a refreshed complexion. A fruit stem cell complex with argan stem cells, kombucha probiotics and aloe vera polysaccharides instantly hydrate with skin calming nutrients to soothe and gently balance pH. Willow bark purifies pores for a clear, refreshed complexion.



Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner


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Minimises pores, refreshes skin

This is a toner that works. As I age my pores are becoming more noticeable and this andalou willow bark pure pore toner minimises my pores and leaves my skin so clean and fresh. It’s so say to use, I simply cleanse then apply the toner with a pad then I moisturise. The toner removes anything the cleanser misses for a really thorough clean and after using it my skin looks and feels fresh and smooth and no oil or grime is left behind. It’s great value as it’s a great price and lasts for ages. Andalou is a great brand and you can’t go wrong with this toner. I absolutely will buy this again and highly recommend it