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Ardell Aqua Lashes 340 are water activated lashes, an innovative new collection that allows you to apply false lashes with just a dip in water. The lashes are lined with adhesive that is activated by water. Aqua Lashes #340 - Rounded lash style with medium volume and slightly short to medium length. Stagger lengths for a fluttery eye opening effect. Lashes have tapered tips and a black band mimicking the look of eyeliner.


Ardell Aqua Lashes 340


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Difficult to apply

There are a few pros and cons to this product, here is my take on it. Pro's: 1. Self-adhesive, you don't have to carry and apply the glue yourself. we all know how messy this can be not to mention irritating on the eyes. 2. Large band on the lashes that poses to be the eyeliner, I think this is where the majority of the self-adhesive glue is hidden. Con's: 1. The instructions say to dip in the water - no wait time, just apply. No, you defiantly have to wait a few seconds (30-60seconds) otherwise you'll be left with tacky eyelids trying to pop them on and stick them down when they just aren't ready yet. 2. Dipping the lash band in water without getting all the lashes wet is hard, the band is super stiff 3. Lash band is super stiff, making it difficult to follow the curve of the natural lash line unless your eyelids are straight. 4. Says no trim required, for me this was defiantly required as those endpoints are super sharp and hurt the inner section of my eyelids and eyes. 5. Heavy lashes, this is probably due to the large lash bands where the self-adhesive glue is. 6. With the amount of tweaking I have done to try and pop these lashes on, the glue became dry and non-adhesive, and quite tacky, it wouldn't go on again. With all the above, I would happily stick with the original style of thin/natural lashes and glue packets.
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Beautiful. but not amazing.

I want to say that Ardell makes some of my favourite lashes, but unfortunately, these don't quite make the cut for me. I will start this by saying that I love the shape and look of the lashes themselves - there is a bit of a black eyeliner look to this with the band, which is gorgeous, but unfortunately, the application isn't all it's cracked up to be. These are water activated lashes, which sounds exciting - I mean, as a lash wearing veteran, I love the idea that you don't need to get glue onto it, particularly if you're in need of lashes for something and you don't have any glue handy, which makes this a great grab and go pack. That's all great in theory, but the reality is a little more work. I have gravitated towards thinner bands in recent years, as I find that I can wear them better for long periods o time, and these have a stiffer, and more inflexible band than I'm used to. When I wet them, I have to use very little liquid to get the band tacky, as well as allow it a bit of time to dry down, so it's just sticky enough. It might be due to my placement, but it feels like this tugs on the skin a little over time, as it adheres to the lid. Not so much that it looks obvious, but it can cause some discomfort. For me, this is an interesting start to this type of lashes, but I feel like there's room for improvement. It's a shame, as the lashes are gorgeous!
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Nice looking false lashes

I don't normally wear false eye lashes as I find them to be too much effort to apply but I received these as a gift to trial. I've never heard of lashes being activated by water so this was new to me. It was easy to do, you need to wet the lashes and apply them on. It took me a while to apply them properly but I eventually got there. As I'm not used to wearing false eye lashes they did feel a bit uncomfortable and a bit heavy at first but then I got use to it. They really look great and they didn't look too fake. I actually enjoyed wearing them. I think I just get nervous when it comes to false lashes but I just need to apply them more often to get the hang of it as they do make a difference to my look and we all want longer lashes. They are a great price so if you like wearing false lashes or want to start wearing them then this is a great one to try.
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Easy to use eyelashes

Such an easy way to use these lashes .. i have always found the applying lash glue very time consuming part.. ardell has come with such great idea of just dipping the edges of the lash and u are good to go.. i dip the ends and wait for 10 sec and it just applies without any fuss.. even my inner corners are very nicely glued.. I always find the lash glue very irritating to my lash band .. but this lash was really easy to apply and handy to carry anywhere without applying or carrying glue it
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A lash that works for extra drama

These lashes definitely add a dramatic flare for a night out and stay on for a long time. They look real and take away the fuss of adding glue. I would highly recommend! I love the aqua lashes as it makes them look so much more natural, and the invisiband helps blend seamlessly with your actual lashes. The band is also very flexible, but i just recommend you hold it with your lashes until the glue dries so it definitely blend into them! They are not too long and not masquerade-ish. In the outer corner of my eyes they are noticeably longer.
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Strong adhesive but gets stiff

These are false eyelashes that don't require a separate adhesive. It comes with its own water-activated adhesive and the idea is that you drip the lash into water before application. 340 has quite a bit of a volume and tapered lash ends and a black band. The band extends quite a bit beyond the lashes and it definitely required trimming on my small-ish eyes. I found the lash band to be quite stiff and the usual pre-application wriggling doesn't seem to soften it much. The instructions say to just dip in water and apply, without any wait time. I think this definitely requires a bit of wait time before the adhesive becomes tacky. I applied it right after dipping and it just wouldn't stick, and with the lash band being stiff, it was so difficult to get the accurate placement that rounded the same way as my lash line. The adhesive was also being pushed around a bit, and it made my eyes water. When the lashes were finally in place, the adhesive seemed to do the job and hold the falsies in place. However, as the hours passed, I noticed the band felt harder and harder and I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable after 4 hours. I was going to give it a long wear test but it was irritating and distracting, my eyes felt more tired than usual, so I had to them off after 6 hours. The lashes can be easily removed by softening the adhesive with a bit of water. The lashes aren't really designed to be re-used in the same water-activated way, but if you wanted to, you could re-use with some lash adhesive. Overall, this might be useful when you're going on a trip with a special occasion where you need falsies for a few hours, as it doesn't require you to pack a separate lash adhesive in your bag. Otherwise, I'm not convinced that it's better than using the traditional glue technique where you can control the glue placement.
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So pretty

These lashes are honestly the prettiest lashes I've ever had. Unfortunately I found them a bit hard to use at first. The instructions say to dunk them in warm water for 10 to 15 seconds but I think this is a bit too much as then the glue gets really sticky and if you don't place them in the right place on the first go, it's messy and hard to re position them. Once they are on though, they look absolutely stunning! They also have a good hold for the whole night which is always important. I have Asian eyes so it's important for me to have a lash that isn't too thick or long because they just look funny on the shape of my eye so these are just perfect. I've worn them twice now and the glue is still good. Will need to wear them a few more times to see how much wear you can get out of them but you can always just put eyelash glue on them when the stickiness wears off.

Easy to use.

Very easy to use eyelashes. I always struggle to apply eyelashes simply because of the technique of applying the right amount of lash glue. I always mess this up as sometimes I over apply the glue and need to wait for some time to dry the glue. These were easy because no guess work involved simply wet them and stick them on. They felt lightweight and felt really comfortable to wear. They did not feel heavy at all. I did have to trim them on the sides to fit my eyes. Love how natural they looked and gave my makeup look an extra oomph.