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Astromantique WATER Body Elixir is a body elixir that contains rose geranium, used in aromatherapy to soothe and relax, as well as to remove dead skin cells. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Marine collagen has the most efficient absorption level compared to any other type of collagen. It serves to boost this depleting protein and improve skin elasticity, hydrates, and minimises wrinkles. Direction: Massage into skin daily as part of your self-care ritual. Suitable for all skin types.


Astromantique WATER Body Elixir


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Absolutely divine!

Being a Taurean I ordered the Earth Body Elixir and I absolutely love it! The oil is super nourishing, and hydrating and leaves your skin feeling radiant without leaving any oil residue and soaks into the skin so smoothly. I like to use the elixir when I am going out as the aroma leaves a lovely scent on the body like a perfume. The scent is calming and will stay with me throughout the duration of my day. I use it morning and night. I keep the elixir on display in my bathroom, it is too nice to have hidden away in the cupboard. Great product, highly recommend it!
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Astromantique Body Elixir

I chose the Fire Body Elixir according to my star sign i found that fun to begin with. The elixir comes in a beautiful big and heavy glass bottle with glass pipette and gold light weighted plastic press down lid that is connected to the pipette. The elixir is gold in color and is very easy to draw up and dispense the scent is cinnamon and bergamot which is very light and refreshing it is a very pleasant scent and I find myself enjoying the scent each time I use it. The oil feels light on my skin which is great because once massaged in it doesn’t leaving any excess eliminating the chance of transfer onto clothes or sheets. My skin feels well nourished and moistures since I began adding this to my skincare routine. I also love that this brand has thought of the planet and sustainability the cardboard packaging, the glass bottle and dropper along with plastic external lip that is attached to the dropper can all be recycled. I would repurchase this elixir again and would recommend it to my family and friends but would probably purchase this more as a gift to someone as I’m not sure $69.95 would appeal to many for 100mL’s unless you were a big astrology lover.
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Beautiful warming body oil

I received the Fire version as part of a trial - this oil is recommended for Leo, Aries and Saggitarius fire signs. I am a Taurus, but still enjoyed the warming scents of the oil, in particular the cinnamon and deep bergamont scents. This oil felt slightly festive, with strong cinnamon flavours. I imagine this would work better in the winter months, than during summer. The product is made in Australia, cruelty free and vegan which are all great positives. The bottle has a luxurious dropper design, finished with gold. Inside the bottle were small fragments of volcanic rocks, diffusing into the oil. This is quite a strongly scented product, so if you are sensitive to fragrance it might not be for you. It was very hydrating on the skin when applied, and easily soaked into my skin. I think this range would make a beautiful gift for anyone interested in star signs or crystals and minerals.
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Ultimate hydration

This is a beautiful body product that provides an ample moisturising effect, especially during the dry summer months. It comes in a pretty glass bottle with a dropper dispenser, so no worry about wasting or spilling it. Dropping this elixir over my body and then rubbing it in is very relaxing. This body elixir glides smoothly over my skin and it absorbs quickly so that I can put on my clothes immediately after applying it. It has a nice scent but not too strong. It is just an overall lovely product to use. Overall, I enjoyed using this body elixir very much.
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Body elixir

I received the Earth body elixir according to my star sign. I really liked the box it came packaged in. It's presented so beautifully. I also thought the glass bottle that holds the oil looks elegant. The oil costs $69.95 for 100mls of product which I do find a little bit to expensive considering the size. Compared to other oils I have used I found this one better because it sinks into my skin straight away without leave me feeling oily. The scent of the oil is alright but I would have liked it better if it had no smell or if it smelt like something else. I found the smell a bit too much. I'm not into astrology but for someone who is I think they would love this. It's a really lovely product that so much thought and effort has gone into it.
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Luxurious body oil

This Elixir is super lush. Firstly, the packaging and bottle it comes in is super cute, I have it on display amongst my boujee perfume bottles and it is adorable. There are four different elixirs to choose from based off your star sign, or just preference. I love that this product is Australian made, cruelty free, all natural and has no nasties. I’ve been using this after my shower and just before bed all over my body, and it is so relaxing. The smell is divine and it feels luxurious after a big day. It comes on as oil but quickly dissolves into the skin. It is a little on the pricey side, but with Christmas coming up, treat yo’self has been ringing in my ears. I like this product and recommend this for anyone wanting a luxurious, divine smelling, relaxing body oil that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.
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Ok product

Got given this product to try and whilst I liked how it left my skin feeling after continual use, I wasn't a fan of the strong scent that lingered on afterward. However, the product does feel luxurious and with its price tag, you better hope so! The application was made easy and I found that 3 or 4 drops were enough for my arms, decolletage area, and neck. The formula wasn't too oily/greasy and didn't break me out. It also got absorbed by the skin quite well and was dry to the touch after a few minutes. This product left my skin feeling soft and hydrated but not as hydrated as a body lotion. I still prefer a good body lotion over this product and find that this product will run out fast due to the packaging size unless you mix it with a lotion. I also find the product quite pricey for its size and intended use. Apart from that, I still enjoyed using it and will mix it in with my lotions, but I don't think I'll purchase it once finished as I really didn't like the scent.
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Truly divine

Being a Leo I ordered the fire Body Elixir and I absolutely love it! It has a luxurious feel and scent and the consistency is deeply nourishing without leaving an oily residue on the skin. This elixir melts into my skin beautifully and each application is a truly sensual experience. Gorgeous product, highly recommend! Being a Leo I ordered the fire Body Elixir and I absolutely love it! It has a luxurious feel and scent and the consistency is deeply nourishing without leaving an oily residue on the skin. This elixir melts into my skin beautifully and each application is a truly sensual experience. Gorgeous product, highly recommend!
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Amazing smelling

This is a very luxurious body oil to liven up the senses. What I love about this oil, is it sinks into the skin so that you don't leave behind an oily slick wherever you go. It smells beautiful, to me it has a slight citrusy fragrance, but what's lovely is that it's not overpowering. It also vitalizes the skin, moisturising it adequately, so that your not left with dry flakes. The scent of the oil is long lasting too, when I apply it after a shower before bed, I wake up in the morning, and I can still smell it.
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Smooth and firm

The scent!!!!!! Let me tell you, I got the water one for the scorpio star sign the scent is like a purfume for your body. The product is so easy to apply and absorbs so quickly not leaving that greasy feel. Recieved 2 weeks prior to my wedding and used leading up to it. The collagen helps smooth and firm my skin making the tan look so good. The anti inflammatory benefits make your skin so firm. The product goes such a long way, it has completely replaced my moisturiser and I even apply to my hair to give the extra hydration and shine. Great product.
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Beautiful fragrant oil for silky skin

Loved this. The oil contains rose geranium which smells beautiful and marine collagen which absorbs straight into skin for instant hydration. It’s easy to use, just massage the oil into skin daily to keep it soft and supple and feeling smooth and soft, no more dry skin with this product. It has a hygienic dropper that you just push the top of to distribute just enough oil for what you need. It sinks straight into skin and feels silky to wear, there is no oiliness at all. It smells beautiful, earthy rather than sweet and sickly and it’s a great anti ageing product for soft smooth conditioned skin. I love that it contains all natural ingredients and is vegan and cruelty free. It comes in different elements and I used air which is suitable for Gemini. It’s just beautiful and I highly recommend it