Aveda botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque light

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Aveda botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque light is an intensive treatment targeting three layers of hair that strengthens and multiplies bonds for deep repair. Instantly transforms hair leaving it visibly healthier, softer and shiner after just 1 use. 98% naturally derived.

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Aveda botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque light


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Great hair mask by trusted brand

Good hair mask. I’ve been using this since I received it to trial in June 2022 and using it twice a week. I’m finding my hair feels silky smooth and strengthened. Would purchase for myself if it was on sale at a good price. I’ve cut my hair short now but still finding it dry at times. Doesn’t have a strong smell and is pleasant. Very nice to use. The consistency of the mask is good and doesn’t drip while waiting before rinsing out. Have always wanted to try Aveda but found their products abit pricey. If I knew how good they were I would’ve searched earlier for special deals.
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Aveda shines again

A fan favourite. My salon uses all aveda products and I purchase them from there so I wasn't new to this product when I trialled it. I am already a huge fan of Aveda and their principles of clean beauty and hair care. I think they are quality products. This particular product has given my hair a much needed boost on more than one occasion. Particularly recommend for colour treated hair. The texture and smell are divine and you will notice a difference after use, guaranteed. I'm not sure how it would go with oily hare but my dry scalp and occasionally dry, heat and colour treated ends love this product.
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Love love love

After using heat styling tools on my hair every day and blow-drying, my hair always needs some extra nourishing and repair, so I was really excited to try this masque and see whether it made much difference. I replaced my usual conditioner with this masque in my regular haircare routine and even after only a couple of days, I felt some noticeable softness and smoothness in my hair. The masque left my hair feeling nourished and refreshed, with a delightful scent. I may need to pick up some more before too long!
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Smells divine!!

I was very excited to try out this hair mask as I have very long blonde hair which is always in need to TLC! First of all, it smells absolutely amazing!! Aveda has perfected the mix of ingredients and the divine smell of it makes you want to use it alone! I feel like i might need to use it more to see the benefits of it. It's not as moisturising as I was expecting so when I conditioned and blow-dried my hair I didn't necessarily notice a difference right away. Not sure if I should have used conditioner afterwards? I imagine it's one of those products that you need to use continuously to see the biggest impact. Keen to continue on with it and see how I go! The price mark would be a little bit of a barrier for me as because my hair is so long I tend to have to use quite a bit of product. This might be a slow burner which surprises me in the long run! Worth a buy for the gorgeous smell alone!!
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Miraculous hair mask!

Hands down the most amazing hair mask I have ever had the pleasure to use. Everything about this hair mask was just excellent and I have nothing to complain about. My hair is dry and I treat it every week with a mask, trying to get the moisture and bounce back into it. The moment I clicked the lid open, I was greeted with a scent that was a bit medicinal/herbal but 100% pleasant. The mask itself was creamy and it stayed on my hair really well, it didn't drip at all. I had the mask on for 10-15 minutes after which I washed it out and straight away I realised that this is truly the best mask. My hair was left the softest it has ever been. It felt like I had just stepped out of a hairdresser after having professional treatment. My hair was super easy to comb, there were no knots. It smelled amazing and the effect lasted for days and days. I would 100% recommend this hair mask to everyone, it really does do miracles.
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I loved it

I loved this Botanical Repair Masque. It left my long hair feeling silky and smooth. I do have slightly damage hair thanks to brushing it when wet, a big no no but I am time poor. I loved the smell of green tea and the texture of the masque as it is enriched with Shea butter. I would use this masque after shampoo and rinsing, then dispense some out put on my damp hair. Shave my legs or wash the rest of my body. After 3 to 5 minutes I would rinse the masque off and my hair would be washed and ready for the day ahead.
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Saved my dry hair

I have waist long, bleached hair, which is very dry, frizzy and damaged. I have been using this hair mask in place of conditioner for the last month and I have seen a significant improvement in the appearance of my hair. This mask smells very nice and is easy to spread through my very long hair and rinse off. My hair is noticeably smoother and looks healthier. Also, styling my hair after washing it takes much less time. This product actually works. Overall, I highly recommend this hair mask and will be repurchasing it.
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Not for me

The product claims that you have Visibly healthier and noticeably softer hair after just one use. That didn't happen for me. It took a few uses for me to notice a small difference. I have trialled this rest of the products in this range in the past and did not like them. I've been using this twice a week for 1 month and it has only slightly improved my hairs texture. It doesn't feel as coarse as it did before. I have coarse, thick, frizzy, and wavy hair for reference. To use this masque you shampoo your hair first and then use this in place of a conditioner and leave it on for around 5 minutes before rinsing. The first few times I used this my hair didn't feel hydrated at all and my hair was hard to comb afterwards. And when styling my hair it was still frizzy and hard to manage. My hair felt dry - almost like I had shampoo'd my hair without conditioning it. But after a couple of uses I did notice my hair doesn't feel as coarse as it did before. That would be the only difference I noticed in my hair. The masque is super thick and has a botanical scent which I do not like plus it really lingers. The scent is what puts me off because it's just so potent and doesn't go away. Unfortunately this isn't a product I would purchase.
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Love this

This Aveda botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque light is a god sent for my dry and managed hair. My hair is damaged from heat styling so I was very excited to use it. After shampooing I applied this masque to my damp hair and left it for a few mins. After I washed it off with cold water and and let my hair air dry. My hair was smoother and it looked super shiny with just one use. I loved it. I used it a few more times and my hair looked really good. Didn’t make my hair oily or sticky. If you have dry and damaged hair give this Aveda botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque light a go and you will not be disappointed.