Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner

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Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner is a conditioner that strengthens and repairs damaged hair with plant powered 3-layer hair repair. Conditions and instantly detangles helping minimise breakage, and leaves hair looking shiny and healthy. 98% naturally derived.


Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner


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I don't think it does anything for my hair

AVEDA Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner- 200ml After shampooing with AVEDA Botanical Repair Strengthening shampoo I applied a 20 cent piece sized amount of the conditioner to one hand then rubbed both hands together. I smelt it and it smells the same as the shampoo (It kind of smells piney like pine cones. Really earthy and herby. The smell also kind of reminds me of a nappy rash cream that comes in a white tube that I used on my kids. Not pleasant) and is thick. It is a pale milky/creamy yellow colour and more like a moisturiser consistency. Not soapy looking like the shampoo. I applied it to my mid-lengths and ends. It didn't make my hair feel soft as the conditioner I normally use does. My hair still felt like I hadn't even used a conditioner. Really dry and crispy almost. I then combed the conditioner through my hair as I normally would and left it in my hair for about 3 minutes. I rinsed it out and as I was rinsing it out my hair I noticed my hair felt dry, crispy and was squeaky. It now felt the same as it did after using the shampoo. I couldn't even tell I had conditioned it. It normally feels soft and silly from conditioning. I then followed my usual shower routine and got out the shower. I've since used the conditioner a few more times and it does the same thing each time. Has not improved my hair at all and continues to make my hair feel dry and frizzy and not looked after. My hair feels damaged and horrible. It feels like I've been using a real bad shampoo and not conditioning my hair. I really don't get it. I have also used a hair dryer after using this product and my hair still feels really dry and frizzy. It takes a bit longer to straighten too. I have even increased the amount of conditioner I use to see if that makes a change but it doesn't. So far because of the smell of the product and the way it makes my hair feel I would not purchase this myself. I do have course, thick, wavy, frizzy hair and I do straighten it but it does say on the back of the bottle that it is suitable for all hair types and textures. There is limited information on the bottle. Most of it is in another language or it has a big list of ingredients. It does says it contains Aveda's own pure-fume (meaning their own perfume) which contains certified organic ylang-ylang, rose, marjoram and other pure flower and plant essences. I've also done separate reviews for the Shampoo and Leave-in treatment which are similar to this review. Same smell, feeling etc. No improvements to my hair. The tube itself is minimum 59% post-consumer HDPE and up to 41% boiplastic (which is 96% plant-derived and 4% petrochemical). It says Recycling is limited so contact your local recycling program. Conditioner has to be used within 24 months from opening. The Conditioner is made in the USA. Ideal For...:  I'm have no idea who this would be ideal for as it's meant to be for all hair types and textures but it has made my hair feel dead to be honest.

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner

The Aveda Botanical Strengthening Conditioner comes in a beautiful dark green bottle with white and light green writing. The 200ml bottle comes in a convenient stand up on lid bottle which ensures you get to use the whole tube. I like that it is printed on the pack that this product is tested on people, good to know straight away that it is not tested on animals. The conditioner is a cream/yellow colour like to shampoo but is thicker in consistency, it has the same earthy scent, which the more and more I use it is not a nice scent to me. The conditioner does not state how much should be used as a guide so for the first wash I used $0.20 cent piece then further washes I used a $0.50 cent piece. After further use the conditioner doesn’t have a amount of time to leave it in my hair on the package so I applied it after shampooing and left it on while I cleansed my face, washed my body and cleaned my teeth and waited approximately 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out. I left my hair to air dry for the first couple of uses as it is really damaged at the moment due to years of chemical straightening and hair relaxing treatments. I found after my hair dried the scent in my hair was very mild, whilst brushing my hair it was quite knotty which is unusual for me usually my hair will go quite silky after conditioner but it did quite the opposite with this conditioner. After my hair dried the ends especially felt quite dry and crisp. I used it again and again to really try and get a proper feel and opinion of the conditioner I used approximately the amount of a $0.50 cent piece again and even a little more then that I left it for longer and found when running my hands through my hair with it in it it felt the same quite hard to run my hands through then after rinsing it felt stiff and hard again which was before drying, after drying it felt slightly soft but still stiff and not nice to brush as it was also knotty. It does say that this conditioner is suited for all hair types and is a repairing conditioner so I am confused as to why it has not worked for me, this might suit someone that has more normal, fine and undamaged hair as my hair after shampooing, conditioning and leaving in the leave in treatment felt knotty and looked as if I needed to wash my hair again.