Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo

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Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo is a shampoo that strengthens and repairs damaged hair with plant powered 3-layer hair repair. Luxuriously cleanses and gently removes excess oil, product build-up and pollution. 94% naturally derived.


Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo


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Leaves hair feeling dry

AVEDA Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo 1L When I first received my package for the trial I immediately opened the shampoo bottle to have a smell. It did not smell how I was expecting it to smell. It kind of smells piney like pine cones. Really earthy and herby. The smell also kind of reminds me of a nappy rash cream that comes in a white tube that I used on my kids. Not pleasant. The smell does die down once the hair is dry and isn't as strong but it's still not nice. I then showered and washed my hair straight away using the shampoo and it is a thick consistency and a pale milky/creamy yellow colour. I used a 50cent sized amount into the palm of my hands as I have shoulder length hair but it is super thick hair. I rubbed both of my hands together then applied it to my scalp and hair and worked it into a lather. It foams up really well. I then rinsed my hair and it felt really clean but a little bit knotty as it usually does before conditioning and also was squeaky which I have never experienced before. My hair felt horrible and stripped. I have now used the shampoo a few more times and so far my hair has had no improvements or change. I will continue to use the rest of the bottle and see how my hair goes. I have also used a hair dryer after using this product including the conditioner and leave-in treatment and my hair still feels really dry and frizzy. It takes a bit longer to straighten too. The ends of my hair are really dry and my hair has never felt so bad. So far because of the smell of the product and the way it makes my hair feel I would not purchase this myself. I do have course, thick, wavy, frizzy hair and I do straighten it but it does say on the back of the bottle that it is suitable for all hair types and textures. There is limited information on the bottle. Most of it is in another language or it has a big list of ingredients. It does says it contains Aveda's own pure-fume (meaning their own perfume) which contains certified organic ylang-ylang, rose, marjoram and other pure flower and plant essences. I've also done separate reviews for the Conditioner and Leave-in treatment which are similar to this review. Same smell, feeling etc. It has a 100% post-consumer HDPE bottle which is recyclable. Shampoo has to be used with 24 months from opening. The shampoo is made in the USA. Ideal For...:  I'm not sure who this shampoo would be ideal for because it says it's for all hair types and textures but it left my hair feeling super dry and unmanageable.

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo

I was very excited to wash my hair as soon as I unpacked the beautiful dark green with white and a lighter green labelling on the 1 Litre bottle of the Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo. I like that it is printed on the pack that this product is tested on people, good to know straight away that it is not tested on animals. After removing the sticky tape holding the lid down the first thing I noticed was the scent I can’t quite put my hand on the scent when I opened the shampoo lid there was no immediate scent until I squeezed the bottle to have a good whiff, it reminded me of my childhood with essential oils, earthy, I can definitely smell the ylang-ylang flower and manjoram. It is quite a distinct scent when you have a really good whiff but isn’t overpowering. I know shampooing generally is straight forward, when I turned the bottle to read the back all it says is to apply to wet hair no amount indicated nor to add a generous or small amount I usually find those tips handy so I know sort of how much I need to use. I applied the amount of a $0.50 cent piece as I have very thick and frizzy hair the colour of the shampoo is a creamy yellow colour. The more I smell the scent which after ready the back of the bottle says it’s Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma the more I struggle to like it I find the scent quite unbearable when I am washing my hair and was quite worried when my hair dried it would still smell the same. It did foam up and was easy to wash my scalp and hair. After the first wash I left it to naturally dry I can only slightly smell it, it is not the most appealing smell to me but that would most probably be because I’m used to smelling more fragranced shampoos, conditioners and treatments. After using the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Leave In Treatment several times this week to confirm my thoughts and opinion of the products my hair felt quite average, it was soft but still frizzy I would like to keep using it over the next few months to see if it does help repair my dry and damaged hair. In the future if it did help repair my hair I wouldn’t be able to purchase it purely because of the scent, it might appeal more to someone that is more used to earthy unscented shampoos.