Aveda Nutriplenish™ Leave-In Conditioner

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Aveda Nutriplenish™ Leave-In Conditioner is a 98 per cent naturally-derived, lightweight liquid leave-in conditioner that instantly nourishes, detangles and protects all hair types while providing nutrient-powered hydration for 72 hours. In addition to organic pomegranate oil, it is formulated with sand ginger, a naturally-derived UV filter that helps protect hair from the drying effects of the sun. Silicone-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

30mL / 200mL
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Aveda Nutriplenish™ Leave-In Conditioner


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Hair protection

I bought myself the 30ml bottle of this Leave-In Conditioner to try and I really really like it's effects so I'll definitely be getting the bigger bottle when I finish this small one. The mist is super fine and I spray it through my hair from roots through to the ends after I washed combed and towel dried my hair. It smells incredible and doesn't leave my hair stiff or sticky at all. There is zero residues left. When I straighten my hair it's so much softer when I use this spray and I just feel like my hair is protect all the time and find it to be quite nourishing for my hair.

Protects and detangles hair

This is a great leave in conditioner that protects hair. Super easy to use, I just spray a few spritzes on damp hair after washing and style as normal. It’s infused with pomegranate oil which adds hydration and it protects my hair from heat styling and from the sun and environment. It’s vegan and cruelty free which is great and free from silicons so it doesn’t cause build up on my hair. This is great for helping to detangle hair and it leaves my hair really soft and manageable. It has a pleasant scent and is great value for money. I will be purchasing this product again