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Aveda Thickening Tonic is a plant-based spray designed to expand hair strands from roots to ends, leaving hair thick and volumised.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, sustainably sourced ingredients and cruelty-free. 


Aveda Thickening Tonic


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This tonic was not my thing. I have fine textured hair, waist length and medium to full thickness. A bit of weight to it, but wanted more wa wa woom. As the hair is silky and fine it lays flat and looks thinner than it actually is (when braided, they are on a thick side!). Had hopes for the tonic. Yes, it gave some boost, but more on a frizz side (poofy) than healthy bouncy look. And my ends felt a bit stiff as well. Smell is herbal, formula spray on easy to apply and brush trough wet hair. Just wish results were a bit better. Seems to leave some residue as well, as hair is not as soft as usually is when just washed and conditioner / masked with my regular haircare. More 'textured' and stiffer ends.
I have thin, dry and flat hair so bought the Aveda Thickening Tonic to try and I love it. This tonic comes with a spray so it's super easy and convenient to use. I use it 3 times a week on clean hair and my hair looks "alive" after use with shine, volume and silky. Yes, it's an expensive product but a little goes along way.
I won this in a competition a few years ago and I still use it now. I have naturally thick hair but I find at times it lacks volume, especially if I have layered my hair to reduce the bulk. This spray injects that volume back into my hair without any build up or crunchy feeling. I especialpy love spritzing this throughout my hair when it's freshly washed and towel dried. I let it air dry and it leaves a wonderful natural volume which is easy to style. The scent is pleasant. It is pricey so I just use it sparingly and on special occasions.
This tonic is super amazing. I was given this as a gift, I love aveda products and this aveda thickening tonic gives me thick luscious luxurious strands with ease. This product makes styling a breeze, it’s so simple to use, it comes nicely packaged in a brown spray bottle and I just spray a little over wet hair after shampooing and conditioning and style as normal. It works to detangles and hydrate my hair and after during my hair is always super soft and shiny and looks and feels more voluminous and luscious. I actually get compliments. It smells divine and I love that it’s all natural. I do already have quite thick hair, however this spray adds volume and swish to it without feeling heavy or sticky or weighing it down. It may be a bit pricey but I never use much so it really lasts. I imagine this is a godsend for those with really fine hair. Loved it. Five stars. Highly recommend it.
I have thin hair but lots of it so I need thickening not so much volume. You spray this product onto roots and the ends and blow dry or dry naturally. The smell is herbal and fresh. I only use 2-3 sprays. When this product dries it does leave a sticky dry touch matte look but the texture of the hair is much thicker and looks more stronger. The roots especially look thicker and the end fine strands slightly more voluminous. This product does work and lasts a few days. This just makes strands look thicker which I love! This is perfect for me. Texture and thicker looking hair!!
I've been using Aveda products all of my adult life and this thickening tonic is one of my faves.  I have fine blonde hair that needs a bit of a boost and this fits the bill perfectly.  Applied to freshly washed and towel dried hair, a spritz of this tonic and a blow dry produces amazing volume.  You don't even have to be a blow wave pro.  Just spritz, flip your head upside down and blow dry, flip hair back and behold the amazing volume.  Or apply to dry hair, flip head upside down, do the down-up-down-up flip and voila!  Done!  Or if you can't be bothered with all that hair flipping, just spritz and scrunch.  However you decide to do your 'do, this thickening tonic is a limp-lock'ed girl's best friend!
This product smells beautiful, a little goes a very long way.  I have really fine hair and this helps boost the volume when I blow-wave. It leaves the hair feeling lightweight and isn't hard when it's finished.
My hair is quite thin so I just had to try this thickening tonic and I'm so glad I did. Since I began using this my hair is definitely more voluminous and much healthier. The spray has a lovely fresh herbal aroma, which reflects all the beneficial naturally-derived ingredients it contains. It has a pleasant application, not making my hair feel icky and greasy or weighed down. Instead my hair is smooth and free-flowing. It is a truly amazing product for those who feel that their hair is limp and lifeless. This tonic works quickly and efficiently to make hair thicker and luscious. Highly recommend.
I have flat, thick hair, and as such, I feel like my hair needs a bit of a boost for some body as a regular thing, so I was really excited to give this a go. This comes in a brown spray bottle that contains 100 ml and will only set you back by $39. All you're supposed to do is spray some of this onto your damp roots, then give them a blow dry, and you should have hair that is bigger than what you had before your wash. I followed all of the instructions it came with, and while I was expecting some volume/thickness to my hair, I was a little unprepared for how thick it actually ended up being! Be sure to not go over the top with this, or you could end up with a big sticky mess. Light little sprays and you'll get the results that you desire. This has a bit of a wilderness scent, kinda leafy, which is quite pleasant, really. As someone who has thick, but generally flat hair, this honestly did lift things at the root, giving it some oomph. For people with flat hair that doesn't listen to them, this would be worth trying!
This tonic is LIFE-CHANGING! Background: Unfortunately I wasn't blessed by the gods with thick, luscious, voluminous locks. Instead, my hair is and always has been baby fine, limp, lifeless, lackluster, extremely oily, and dead FLAT. I've complained about this for years on end, and both my Mother and I have been  exploring products which promised to thicken hair without any real success. I then turned to styling products to help give my hair volume and texture whilst still maintaining it's health. You know, so that can my hair can look like real hair with some thickness and movement! What I found was that most products were just way too heavy on my hair, which just dragged down my roots even more. Sure, the initial look was awesome, but this didn't last and soon my hair became worse than it originally was. Other products just caused way too much build up on my scalp, which left my hair feeling gritty, dirty and not to mention caused some irritation due to product build up. After spending hundreds of dollars on hair-thickening shampoos and conditioners, and underwhelming styling products, I received an email to say Aveda were giving out samples of their hair-thickening tonic. I knew of the reputation of Aveda for creating super effective hair care products, so I knew had to click the sign up button and have honestly never looked back. As soon as I tried it I knew it was winner for me, and after the first use of the sample I purchased the full size bottle. Packaging: The product comes in a 100ml brown bottle that screams earthiness, nature and reflects it theme of being a plant-based product. The packaging fits in well with Aveda's current packaging theme. It's simple, yet sophisticated. Application: The product also comes in a spray bottle which I absolutely love. Too often I've encountered thickening products with a squirt applicator which just tends to concentrate on the product on one specific patch of hair and causes unevenness in application. The spray bottle in my opinion is much more effective in distributing the product evenly on the hair. As this is a texturising thickening tonic, it has to be applied carefully so as not to cause any matting of the hair. So I always blow dry my hair gently with a soft bristled brush and get absolutely insane results. My hair feels more dense, soft and healthy, and looks shiny as well. Effectiveness/Longevity: As I've said, this tonic has changed the way I style my hair. It instantly makes my hair seem thicker, and gives it movement it doesn't naturally have. I've gotten so much feedback from people that know what my hair is naturally like and even they are totally impressed with the way it makes my hair appear. My hair has body and bounce, my roots are lifted without the need for teasing, and my hair appears more dense. All at the same time, it doesn't make my hair feel gritty, sticky or dirty, and my feels beautifully soft and smooth without build up on the scalp. This is really important for someone like me who is prone to oily hair. The extra build up of styling products can cause some chaos in the sebum production department. For me, it does everything I want it to do. The style lasts until I go to bed or wash it. Final verdict: I absolutely love this product and it's become a massive staple in my beauty routine. The 100ml bottle lasts me for months and I pretty much us it every other day. The initial layout is on the more expensive side for some at $39 but honestly, for what this does to my hair I would be happy to pay double that. I've recommended this to everyone I know. I'm so happy they offered a sample of this because I probably never would have tried it if I didn't. The fact that this is powered by botanicals and the ingredients are 97% naturally derived also make this a holy grail product for me, as I am growing more conscious about how I treat my body. If you're someone who has fine, limp and lifeless hair and wants to use a more natural product to give your hair some lift and movement, I would not recommend any other product. I think it's pretty clear why I gave this product 5 stars and why I will be repurchasing this for years to come.
I'm quite a fan of the Aveda range, the hair products in particular. Pricey but the really work better than anything else I've used.  This particular product is my favorite of them all. My favorite hair product ever actually!  It comes in a brown 100ml spray bottle and is a very herbal, earthy scented spray which smells quite similar to the Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner.  I spray the roots of my hair after towel drying, five to six sprays is quite enough. It is quite watery and slightly sticky textured.  I find it works best if you use a hair dryer straight after. I usually just towel dry but I use the hair dryer with this product as it definitely has better results that way.  My hair is definitely Softer, shinier and has extra volume. The bottle lasts me months, using every few days. It may seem pricey but a little goes a long way and it really does give hair more life, texture and shine. Plus the ingredients are all natural! Can't go wrong! 
I got this product together with the thickening conditioner. I must admit I like it very much. I tried some thickening products before, gel- like consistency so this pray -on lotion sounded pretty cool to me. The packaging is smart, handy spray makes it a breeze to apply it onto hair. The formula feels like water and is not sticky at all. The scent is herbal, fresh, I would call it "green", very similar to the thickening conditioner too. Since the product is plant based I am not surprised it smells botanical, it is a very pleasant, relaxing kind of smell. It definitely adds body and texture to the hair. Mine is usually flat and lifeless, but with this tonic it does seem more voluminous and it looks like I had more hair. In my opinion the best results are reached when we use it just before blow drying. Since it is a bit pricey I use it for special occasions when I actually style my hair. If your hair is a bit thin and lifeless, it is worth checking out as it doesn't make the hair look greasy and is not heavy at all.
This is super easy to use and leaves my hair feeling not only thicker but also healthier.  It's a spray-on product.  It leaves my hair feeling fresh, thicker, healthier and I pretty much have a great hair day when I use this.   It's not sticky and doesn't make my hair feel heavy - my hair is fine so I can't use heavy products or it would just weigh it down.  I find this product to be quite unique as I have never found another product like it that works as well as it does.  My 16 year old daughter keeps coming into my room and using this too - she's also got fine hair.