Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

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Designed to reduce the stress to hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling. This brush helps to detangle the hair, featuring extended bristles to stimulate and massage the scalp. Made from sustainable honey wood.


Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush


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Surprisingly light, great with long thick hair

I have been using this paddle brush for a few years and it has lasted well. It looks huge, but is surprisingly lightweight. I have thick, long hair that is quite coarse. This hair brush covers a large section at a time and makes brushing a breeze. The bristles are very gentle on the scalp, and there is no static when I use it on dry hair. I clean this from time to time by using an old toothbrush and gentle hand soap to go between the bristles. So far there are no issues.$50 for a hair brush is really expensive, but does seem to be a solid product and I can't fault it.

Healthier hair from Aveda

The Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush is a great quality brush that I like using especially when I blow dry my thick hair. It's so comfortable and doesn't rip my hair out. I love the way it makes my scalp feel too. It's like a massage. The brush is made from really good strong quality wood which makes it feel quite special. I've dropped my brush on my bathroom tiles a few times by accident and it doesn't crack or break. I feel like since I started using this brush that my hair has grown longer and is healthier because it's not being damaged by my old brushes. The ends of my hair especially are fuller as the hair isn't being pulled out anymore.