Avon ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser

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Avon ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser is a rich, foaming cleanser that works to remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from the complexion to leave it looking refreshed, balanced and refined.


Avon ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser


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I found a stash of Avon cleansers I had forgotten about so I have been using them in the shower each morning to remove my night creams.    The Avon Anew Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser is a foaming cleanser, something I usually stay clear of because foaming cleansers can be very drying on my skin.  This product comes in a pretty aqua coloured, soft plastic tube and has a flip top lid.  The cleanser has a fresh, pleasant fragrance.    This cleanser feels very creamy and soft.  I squeeze a small amount onto my wet hands, gently rub it together and apply to my wet face.  It foams to a nice bubbly mix as I massage it over my face and it washes off easily with warm water without having to rub hard.  There is no tight drying effect that some foaming cleansers leave and, in fact, my skin feels soft and hydrated. The product has not caused any irritation.  
This cleanser has a nice smell and it works really effectively to clean the face and remove impurities. After washed, the face feels fresh and new. After weeks of use, there was an improvement in my face as I could see a reduction in the acne and scars on my face. I recommend this product for daily use for all skin types.
Over the years I have used Avon products on and off. The Avon ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cleanser is low priced, looked soft and gentle and so that’s why I initially tried it.   This cleanser comes in a tube with screw top lid. The packaging is green and minimal and the colour makes it look relaxing.   The cleanser has a soft light fresh scent. I use this cleanser twice daily, and I only need a small amount of product for it to foam up and cleanse my entire face/neck. I haven’t completely used this entire tube yet but I have almost finished and I have found this cleanser to be very gentle on my skin while removing makeup etc. with ease.   After I have finished washing my face, my skin feels soft, light and looks refreshed. The cleanser doesn’t feel stripping/dry at all. There is no leftover residue or anything.   Pros: - leaves my skin soft and cleansed - very affordable - smells soft and fresh   Cons: - none for the great price   Overall I would recommend this cleanser as an affordable daily use cleanser.