Avon Far Away Infinity EDP

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Avon Far Away Infinity EDP is a warm floral fragrance that combines top notes of bergamot, marigold and gardenia, middle notes of jasmine sambac, orange flower and jasmine absolute, and base notes of patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood. 


Avon Far Away Infinity EDP


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This is a really beautiful perfume.  I have it in the mini size which is a 15 ml purse spray glass bottle.  It is elegant and long and comes in a pretty aqua coloured box with the tassel design printed on the front of the box.   The scent of this perfume initially comes out sweet and fresh both at the same time.  It's classy and fun all at once.  Then as the top notes go after a few minutes I find the middle notes and refreshing and almost lemon-y and citrus-y.  Then after a while I can detect pepper, heady rich florals and vanilla and some mellow woodsy notes in the background too.  I like the moods of this perfume and how it all unfolds it's different notes.  It really seems to suit it's name Far Away Infinity perfectly!  I'm a bit of a fan of quite a variety of fragrant notes and this perfume seems to have it all. This perfume is one that could be unpredictable to know if someone will like it or not but in all honesty I have not found anyone who doesn't like it yet!  My best tip would be to try to get hold of this perfume to give it a go.  I think any age could enjoy this perfume. I like to store it in the box so that it helps the perfume last longer because it's protected from light.
I dont normally purchase avon scents, but I was given this fragrance as a gift by a friend who sells avon. The bottle is the first thing I noticed, so pretty and feminine with its black tassel. the fragrance itself is really lovely and elegant, a pretty, feminine warm floral  scent of jasmine and gardenia with exotic notes of sandalwood, patchouli and my favourite - vanilla. its fresh and perfect for summer as it is light to wear. The scent lasted really well. I really liked this for a more budget friendly scent
Perfect for a spring! The light floral scent is subtle and romantic. I receive lots of compliments when I wear this perfume. When I spritz on Avon Far Away Infinity I feel my like my playful side is enhanced, and at $39.99 I have enough money left over to actually have some fun!