Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Foundation

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Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Foundation is a liquid foundation with oil blotters to help reduce and prevent shine throughout the day. The lightweight formula provides medium coverage and a matte finish.

Available in eight shades.


Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Foundation


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I really like this product and am so glad that i stocked up before Avon stopped selling! Its so nice to have an easy to apply foundation that really looks natural. I've found for me its got a nice coverage for all day wear and leaves a nice glow on my skin.
I'm a bit of a snob sometimes when it comes to paying more for a quality product especially to achieve perfect base on my face and this product performs better than some foundations that are 3 times the price. I'd been recommended by a family member so I gave it a whirl. I loved the lightweight feel of the product as I was applying it and really love that you can build the product up to achieve the look your after - i'm a bit of a one application 'au natural' kind of woman. I like makeup to look like it's not even there and this product helped me achieve that look in leaps and bounds. It was also easy finding a match for my skin tone - i'm very pale in complexion but not 'English Rose' and sometimes find that I either have to go porcelein white or a tone above what I am - making me look a bit odd; but Avon have wonderful tones in between that match - I was really impressed. It is now my go to product especially on days I work (working in an air-conditioned aircraft hangar does bad things to skin). It keeps my face shine free but on particularly hot days it doesn't stand the test of time and a re-application at lunch time is a must.
This foundation goes on very creamily but after about a minute it 'sets' and leaves the skin with a matte finish.  I don't find it drying on my skin at all so it''s very good for those who have some developing fine lines like I do.  I would say that this foundation has a medium coverage and it has a very pretty and light floral scent to it which I love.  I have an oily combination skin so I really like this matte finish on me. It's easy to spread but my tip would be to work fairly quickly because, as mentioned above, this 'sets' in around 30 seconds to a minute.  It is buildable but I prefer this foundation for a 'one coat application' as I prefer that look on me personally. I find this Ideal Flawless matte version matches the exact same colour for my skin colour as the regular Ideal Flawless Liquid Make-up so it was easy and simple to work out my colour match (which is the Medium Beige).  I love this colour on my skin (my skin can be often be very difficult to match correctly).  As a bit of a guide, I'm from a Dutch crossed with English heritage but I'm a strong medium colour with plenty of yellow undertones but also with some beige undertones too.  I often find I'm opting for one of the darker colours in a foundation range because I am such a strong 'medium' colour.   This foundation would be great for anyone who thinks a matte finish is for them.  I like it for some days when I feel like sporting the 'matte look'  and I want a bit of variety in my make-up look.  I like that I have this matte finish option especially on the days when my skin is feeling extra oily and I want to counteract that shiny look.  When I wear this I find that my skin stays 'shine free' in appearance for several hours but not for the entire day so I would say that it's great for events that go for a few hours but maybe not long work days.