Avon Imari Eau de Cologne Spray

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Avon Imari Eau de Cologne Spray is a floral fragrance that combines notes of citrus, jasmine and vanilla to create a warm and seductive scent.


Avon Imari Eau de Cologne Spray


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I have this in the 'Imari Bold' variant which is woody type of scent; I love the smell of sandalwood normally and so it doesn't really surprise me that I went for the woody variant of this Imari perfume.  I find myself reaching for it regularly because I really enjoy this scent so much.  The Imari Bold comes in an orange toned box and bottle whereas the classic Imari comes in the pinky-maroon colours.  I think that this perfume comes at a really good price for the quality that it is and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys woody notes in an affordable perfume.  The Imari Bold is the more modern scent that has been brought out more recently compared to the original Imari version which has been around for decades.
Imari is a rich, warm fragrance that I reach for when I'm in the mood to wear a spicy / exotic scent. I especially enjoy wearing Imari in the colder months, a waft of this heady scent immediately warms me up inside and out. Most of my fragrance wardrobe is based around Florals, but they're on the lighter side compared to Imari.  This beautiful scent is a heady mix that is dominated by Jasmine, and it definitely packs a punch. Not a scent for the faint-hearted, this has silage that can enter a room before you do if you spray too much!  A light application is sufficient, and it has great staying power too. I have also tried the Imari hand cream, which is a true delight to the senses to use. It has a creamy, lovely formula and I get a waft of Imari as I go about my day too. Imari is a classic Avon fragrance that has been popular for a long time, and for good reasons.  It's an economical price and a true classic, oriental fragrance.  One you should definitely try, if you're looking for a new, spicy type of fragrance to add to your fragrance wardrobe.
I have been using this perfume for many years and it is always a pleasure to re-visit (I go off on tangents and play around with other fragrances). It is the light jasmine note that stands out for me, it has a "warm-spring" feel and I layer it with bathoil, powder and then the scent. It lasts a long time and makes me happy when I wear it. It is usually a good price (as are most Avon products) and can often be bought in a "special" with three products for the price of two- or there abouts- so good value. There is another Imari scent called Sensual and I had to try it, but it didn't grab me like the original.