Avon Life For Her Eau de Parfum Spray

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Avon Life for Her Eau de Parfum Spray is a floral fragrance created in collaboration with international designer, Kenzo Takada. The soft scent combines notes of water lily, violet and iris flower.


Avon Life For Her Eau de Parfum Spray


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This is a 'warm' scent with some sweetness and it's energetic too.  I can detect the citrus notes on my skin after around a minute after I've spritzed it on but the sweetness and warm notes distinctly come rushing at me in the first few seconds of spraying it on.  I love the citrus notes in it and I think I can even detect that it's a lime citrus scent which is really vibrant and refreshing.  The name of the perfume 'Life' is very appropriate since life really does has many different facets and the scent of this perfume certainly has that too. The bottle is glass and the lid is a multi-faceted clear perspex flower design which is easy to grab hold of and it clips securely back onto the light gold coloured atomizer nozzle.  I like that the lid is perspex because it's unbreakable which is very practical.   I love that this was designed by a Japanese perfumer and designer - it gives the perfume a special identity.   This perfume could suit any age - it would just depend upon the personality of the wearer.  My young teen loves this scent but I like it a lot too and I'm much older so it's an interesting perfume in the way that it transcends many generations.