Avon Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow

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Avon Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow is a five-shade eyeshadow palette infused with orchid extract for a soft and silky application, and ColorGlam Complex for a bright pigment that lasts all day.

Available in four shades.


Avon Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow


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The Avon luxe cashmere eyeshadow set is great for someone like myself who doesn't wear eyeshadow too often but still want's something of high quality to create both daytime and evening looks.  It comes in a sleek, gold coloured compact with a mirror inside, a dual ended eyeshadow brush and five gorgeous colours.  There are several different palettes you can choose from but the one I got is called "Cocoa Couture".  The colours are a matte beige/cream, matte pink, matte dark brown, shimmery light brown and a shimmery dark brown.  When it comes to colours nudes are always my choice and this palette is perfect for that.  The colours work great individually but work together harmoniously to create that next level eye look.  The colours are powder format but go on nicely without leaving any chalky residue.  Even the shimmery eyeshadows are done tastefully as the shimmer is very subtle and won't have that disco ball effect.  You could use the eyeshadow brush given for the looks as one end is for using on the eye socket and the other is for lining.  During the day I would use the cream coloured eyeshadow as the base blended with a bit of the matte pink on the corner of my eyes.  For evening looks I would use the light shimmery brown as the base, followed by the dark matte brown to line my eyes, both top and lower lash line, for a smokey nighttime look.  The colours blended easily and because it was powder you could always add more to make it more pigmented or less for a more subtle look.  In terms of longevity I found that the colours stayed in tact for most of the night.  There was a bit of fading but for the most part it still looked good.  It's my go to eyeshadow palette for everyday and even with constant use there is still so much of the product left so the cost per use is great.  The colours work well for all skin tones as nudes are flattering on just about anyone!  Plus they're versatile colours that every makeup wearer needs in their kit.  The price is super affordable as well so if you do not want to shell out too much money for a good quality eyeshadow palette than this is just what you need.   Tip: Use an eyeshadow primer to keep the colours in place while preventing fading and creasing.  
At first glance I was taken back with the elegant style and dreamy colours the Avon Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette offers. The palette comes in a very sophisticated gold case which is simple to open but stays firmly protected once it is closed, always keeping it fresh and secure for use.   All the colours are completely strong and sturdy without flaking everywhere, instead they glide onto the eyes smoothly with the included foam applicator which has two convenient sides for applying the product perfectly and creating different looks. The formula is fabulous, it made with a quality and innovative ColorGlam complex which makes it super luxurious and gorgeous to apply on.  I favour the whole range of colours in their palettes but I am addicted to using "Black Tie" and "Alluring Nude" as I can work with them best to custom my most attractive makeup looks.   The Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow comes with five shades and the soft formula is enriched with orchid extract that provides natural finish. It is compact and contains five co-ordinated beautiful shades and I adore the mirror that comes in the palette so I can touch up anytime and anywhere. All the colours blend well and are long lasting, removing easily off the eye's with makeup remover. I really like their non-irritating gentle formula which is great for my eyes which can be quite sensitive to makeup products. I enjoy using "Avon" products now and over the past years. They all have served me exceptionally well. 
I have this in the colour set "Cocoa Couture" which holds 8g of eyeshadow altogether in pressed compact form.  There is a large mirror approximately 7.5 cm X 6 cm so it's quite a useful and practical high quality mirror.  The gold mirror-shiny container clicks to shut securely.  There is a small applicator included which has two different shaped ends - one end is more pointy and the other end is more rounded.   Two of the shades -  one of  the darkest and the lightest are velvety soft and matte.   The other two long-shaped shades in the palette have a very soft  and subtle shimmer to them but it is a very fine high quality shimmer and it's not 'too shimmery' at all and there is no glitter whatsoever.  They are probably classed as more of a satin finish really.  At my age I tend to go for mattes only but this shimmer is so subtle that even I can wear them and they look good on.  The pink shade in the middle is matte but it is not at all drying and looks so great with the other colours on the eyelid.  I think any age group could wear this set of shadow colours.   The formulas of the eyeshadows feel soft and very comfortable on the skin and are very easy to apply, blending seamlessly very easily and they last well once applied.  It feels like it's a 'caring' formula and it's the high quality feel of it that makes me what to buy some of the other sets that this Luxe range have on offer.  They are not at all chalky and there is plenty of pigment. These eyeshadows have no scent to them.  I personally find them fun and easy to use and I find that they also make excellent pretty long-lasting 'eyeliner' colours when applied with a find eyeliner brush just below the lower lash-line.